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Campbell Armstrong

Scotland (1944 - 2013)

aka Thomas Altman, Campbell Black, Jeffrey Campbell, Thomas Weldon

Campbell was born in Glasgow in 1944 and educated at Sussex University where he obtained a BA degree. Three years after his first novel was published in 1968, he moved to the United States, where he taught creative writing. He lived there for twenty years with his wife and children, and produced twenty novels before moving to Ireland in 1991. He was in the front rank of modern thriller writers for many years, and his bestselling novels include the highly acclaimed Jig series.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
The Wanting (1966) (as by Campbell Black)
Assassins and Victims (1969) (as by Campbell Black)
The Punctual Rape (1970) (as by Campbell Black)
Death's Head (1972) (as by Campbell Black)
The Asterisk Destiny (1978) (as by Campbell Black)
Brainfire (1979)
The Homing (1980) (as by Jeffrey Campbell)
Dressed to Kill (1980) (as by Campbell Black) (with Brian De Palma)
Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1980) (as by Thomas Altman)
The True Bride (1983) (as by Thomas Altman)
Black Christmas (1983) (as by Thomas Altman)
Mr. Apology (1984) (as by Campbell Black)
Dark Places (1984) (as by Thomas Altman)
Letters from the Dead (1985) (as by Campbell Black)
The Intruder (1985) (as by Thomas Altman)
The Piper (1986) (as by Campbell Black)
Agents of Darkness (1991)
Asterisk (1992)
A Concert of Ghosts (1992)
Slattery's Rose (1994)
Silencer (1997)
The Trader's Wife (1997) (as by Thomas Weldon)
Blackout (1998)
The Surgeon's Daughter (1998) (as by Thomas Weldon)
Deadline (2000)
I Hope You Have a Good Life (2000)
The Bad Fire (2001)
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Series contributed to
Indiana Jones (Films)
1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) (as by Campbell Black)
The Adventures of Indiana Jones (omnibus) (2008) (as by Campbell Black) (with James Kahn and Rob MacGregor)
Non fiction
Campbell Armstrong recommends
Valley of Lights (1987)
Stephen Gallagher
"The author understands that real horror is best achieved in a setting of banality and Valley of Lights - with its unique relationship between spiritual predator and physical prey - thrives on the very ordinariness of things."
The Catalyst (1991)
Ron McKay
"A fine book, a sharp eye for character..."
Sheep (1994)
Simon Maginn
"He's given the horror genre novel a badly-needed blood transfusion."
Die Cast (2000)
(Billy Oliphant, book 1)
Alan Dunn
"Enough twists and hairpin turns to have your head spinning. Terrific storytelling."

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