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RACHEL HARRISON has a degree in Writing for Film & Television from Emerson College, where she spent her time writing horror screenplays, learning to read Tarot, and befriending the ghost in her best friend's Beacon Hill apartment. She worked in publishing for a year after graduating, but now works at a bank, which isn't as scary as it sounds. She lives in Brooklyn, and The Return is her debut novel.

Genres: Horror

   Bad Dolls (2022)
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Whisper Down the Lane (2021)
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Getaway (2021)
Zoje Stage
"Tense and terrifying, Getaway is an extraordinary work of suspense. Stage delivers both a harrowing, heart-pounding thrill ride and an astute exploration of trauma, regret, compassion, and perseverance."
Beneath the Stairs (2022)
Jennifer Fawcett
"A poignant haunted house tale about guilt, grief, and the nightmares of adolescence that follow us into adulthood. Fawcett delivers genuine scares in this chilling, mesmerizing debut."

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