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Stephanie Wrobel grew up in Chicago but has been living in the UK for the last three years with her husband and dog, Moose Barkwinkle. She has an MFA from Emerson College and has had short fiction published in Bellevue Literary Review. Before turning to fiction, she worked as a creative copywriter at various advertising agencies.

Genres: Mystery
   Darling Rose Gold (2020)
     aka The Recovery of Rose Gold
   This Might Hurt (2022)
Stephanie Wrobel recommends
I Will Make You Pay (2019)
Teresa Driscoll
"An enthralling story that held me in its clutches, with a resolution I didn’t see coming. Driscoll kept me guessing until the very end."
Dear Child (2020)
Romy Hausmann
"One of the best thrillers I've read this year. Flawlessly plotted with a pace that refuses to let the reader come up for air - not that you'd want to."
Happy and You Know It (2020)
Laura Hankin
"Imagine if your hilarious best friend told you a really juicy story about a gaggle of rich new mothers While also delivering a sharp commentary about the expectations put on women. That is this book. Bonus for the excellent twist you won't be expecting. Put it on your list, kids."
Shadow Garden (2020)
Alexandra Burt
"Just when you think you know which way is up, another member of the Pryor family steps in to prove you wrong. Shadow Garden is a gripping, head-spinning tale that left me feeling like I’d caught the madness on its pages. A delicious, devious ride."
The Girl in the Mirror (2020)
Rose Carlyle
"A page-turner that’s delightfully over-the-top, shocking, and full of twists, The Girl in the Mirror takes sibling rivalry to the next level. A jaw-dropping debut."
If I Disappear (2021)
Eliza Jane Brazier
"Every page is packed with feral tension. Fans of true crime podcasts will love the chilling tale Brazier has woven. I won't sleep for days."
Shiver (2021)
Allie Reynolds
"Every character is a suspect in this cleverly plotted page-turner. Reynolds' writing is so atmospheric; I could feel the snow in my eyes, the wind on my face! All hail the chiller thriller."
The First Day of Spring (2021)
Nancy Tucker
"The First Day Of Spring is a gut-wrenching tale about the effects of neglect and loneliness on a child. Eight-year-old Chrissie's voice is so raw and authentic that I could not stop turning the pages, desperate to find out what she would do next. A harrowing, incisive debut."
Femlandia (2021)
Christina Dalcher
"Provocative, sinister, and fascinating, FEMLANDIA is full of complicated characters, with a gripping plot to boot. I read it with my breath held, unable to stop until I'd reached the explosive ending. You will definitely want to discuss this one with your book club."
The Maid (2022)
Nita Prose
"A supremely clever and heartwarming story that is not to be missed."
Blood Sugar (2022)
Sascha Rothchild
"Inventive, engrossing, and wicked, BLOOD SUGAR is the tale of a woman who just can't seem to stop killing people. But she would never hurt her own husband-right? Ruby Simon is perhaps the most relatable murderer since Dexter. I found her story disturbingly fun."
Watch Out for Her (2022)
Samantha M Bailey
"An irresistible story about what happens when we take our obsessions too far. Propulsive, electrifying, and sinister, I could not tear myself away from the narrators, two women each hiding dark secrets from their families. Bailey's assured prose delivers as enthralling a tale as her stellar debut."
My Summer Darlings (2022)
May Cobb
"Sexy, fresh, and fun, MY SUMMER DARLINGS tells the story of three friends who go after what they want--even when what they want is the same man. Cobb's sophomore novel is unputdownable and devious, a twisty thriller that threw me for loop after loop."
Acts of Violet (2022)
Margarita Montimore
"Intricately woven and masterfully paced. I read the whole thing in forty-eight hours, so desperate was I to solve this hypnotic, striking mystery. This one is not to be missed."

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