Jon Athan

USA flag (b.1992)

Jon Athan is an author from California. Jon was born on September 12, 1992 during a stormy night. As a child, he enjoyed writing and telling scary short stories. Some of these stories got him into some serious trouble with his teachers, but he persevered through the detentions and therapy sessions. (One of those didn't actually happen.) As an adult, Jon has published over 100 short horror stories and several novels. He is a prolific author of dark fiction, known for his shocking horror novels. However, he also dabbles in science-fiction and fantasy. Regardless of genre, Jon does not compromise his vision. His deep-rooted love for horror and storytelling has kept him going through the years.

Other than his love for horror and writing, Jon loves films, especially Korean movies, electronics, video games, and music. He also loves Japanese and Korean culture. In his spare time, he writes movie reviews for several websites and enjoys helping others accomplish their goals. He even writes helpful books for other authors under the pen name "Jonathan Wright."

Genres: Horror