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Jussi Adler-Olsen

Denmark (b.1950)

Carl Valdemar Jussi Henry Adler-Olsen is a Danish author who, after following several different courses of study and engaging in various professions, embarked on his literary career with two books about Groucho Marx in 1984. His bestsellers include the thriller Alfabethuset (Alphabet House) (1997) and, most recently, Journal 64 (2010). 

Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Department Q
   1. The Keeper of Lost Causes (2011)
     aka Mercy
   2. Disgrace (2012)
     aka The Absent One
   3. Redemption (2013)
     aka A Conspiracy of Faith
   4. The Purity of Vengeance (2013)
     aka Guilt
   5. The Marco Effect (2014)
     aka Buried
   6. The Hanging Girl (2015)
   7. The Scarred Woman (2017)
   8. Victim 2117 (2020)
Barry Awards Best Novel winner (2012) : The Keeper of Lost Causes
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2014) : Redemption
Barry Awards Best Novel nominee (2015) : The Marco Effect