David Boop

David Boop is a Denver-based speculative fiction author. Hes also an award-winning essayist, and screenwriter. Before turning to fiction, David worked as a DJ, film critic, journalist, and actor. As Editor-in-Chief at IntraDenver.net, Davids team was on the ground at Columbine making them the first internet only newspaper to cover such an event. That year, they won an award for excellence from the Colorado Press Association for their design and coverage.

His novel, the sci-fi/noir She Murdered Me with Science, returns to print from WordFire Press after a six-year hiatus. Additionally, Dave is prolific in short fiction with over fifty short stories and two short films sold to date. While known for weird westerns, hes published across several genres including horror, fantasy, and media tie-ins for The Green Hornet, The Black Bat and Veronica Mars. His RPG work includes Interface Zero, Rippers Resurrected and Deadlands: Noir for Savage Worlds. David regularly tours the country speaking on writing and publishing at schools, libraries and conventions. Hes a single dad, Summa Cum Laude graduate, part-time temp worker and believer. His hobbies include film noir, anime, the Blues and Mayan History.
   Castle of Horror Anthology Volume Two (2019) (with Michael Aronovitz, Tony Bloodworth, David Bowles, John Helfers, Jason Henderson, P J Hoover, Sam Knight, Sarah Stegall, Stephen D Sullivan and In Churl Yo)
   Undead Tales 2 (2012) (with Brent Abell, David Dunwoody, Natasha Hanova, Larry C Kerr, Jonathan Lambert, Joe Mynhardt, Armand Rosamilia, Rob Rosen and Jonathan D Stiffy)
   Night Lights (2016) (with Kurt Bachard, Robert Bagnall, Richard W Black, Tracy Canfield, Rebecca A Demarest, James Dorr, Chris Doty, Daniel P Douglas, Julian Drury, Milo James Fowler, Brian Leopold, Michael McGlade, Dennis Mombauer, Nick Nafpliotis, Russell Nichols, Frances Pauli, J.B. Rockwell, Suanne Schafer, Jamie D. Wahls and Dean H. Wild)