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Paul Dale Anderson has written more than 27 novels and hundreds of short stories, mostly in the thriller, mystery, horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres. Paul has also written contemporary romances and westerns.
The Devil Made Me Do It (2014)
The Devil Made Me Do It Again and Again (2016)
Scream (2017) (with Joe Broadmeadow, Sue Coletta, Caleb Pirtle III, Drew Jordan, Kathy Love, Kristine Mason, Kimberly McGath and Elle J Rossi)
Corruption at the Crossroad (2017) (with Raymond Benson, Michael Boatman, Rick Hautala, Brian Hodge, Richard Christian Matheson, G Wayne Miller, Monica J O'Rourke, David J Schow and David Niall Wilson)
The Witches MEGAPACK (2017) (with Glynn Owen Barrass, Rachel Bolton, Neva Bryan, Adrian Cole, Ashley Dioses, Doug Draa, Richard H. Durisen, L F Falconer, Wayne Faust, John R Fultz, John Linwood Grant, Andre E Harewood, Matt Neil Hill, Scott Hutchison, Brandon Jimison, Paul Lubaczewski, Duane Pesice, Josh Reynolds, Erica Ruppert, Franklyn Searight and Paul Spears)
Anthologies containing stories by Paul Dale Anderson
Short stories
I'll Show You Mine (1985)
Better Than One (1989)
The Best (1990)
What You See (1995)