A C Baantjer's picture

A C Baantjer

(Albert Cornelis Baantjer)
Netherlands (1923 - 2010)

ALBERT CORNELIS BAANTJER is the most widely read author in the Netherlands and has written more than fifty "DeKok" titles. He has also written other fiction and nonfiction and wrote a daily column in a Dutch newspaper. He was an inspector with the Amsterdam Police for thirty-eight years. Baantjer lived in Medemblik, The Netherlands.

Genres: Mystery
Inspector DeKok
   3. DeKok and the Corpse on Christmas Eve (1993)
   5. DeKok and the Somber Nude (1992)
   6. DeKok and the Dead Harlequin (1993)
   7. DeKok and the Sorrowing Tomcat (1993)
   8. DeKok and the Disillusioned Corpse (1993)
   9. Dekok and the Careful Killer (1993)
   10. Dekok and the Romantic Murder (1993)
   11. Dekok and the Dying Stroller (1994)
   12. Dekok and the Corpse at the Church Wall (1994)
   13. Dekok and The Dancing Death (1994)
   14. DeKok and the Naked Lady (1994)
   15. DeKok and the Brothers of the Easy Death (1994)
   16. DeKok and the Deadly Accord (1997)
   17. DeKok and Murder in Seance (1997)
   18. DeKok and Murder in Ecstacy (1998)
   19. DeKok and the Begging Death (1998)
   20. Dekok and the Geese of Death (2004)
   21. Dekok and Murder by Melody (2004)
   22. Dekok and the Death of a Clown (2004)
   23. Dekok and Variations on Murder (2004)
   24. Dekok and Murder by Installment (1998)
   25. DeKok and Murder on Blood Mountain (2004)
   26. DeKok and the Dead Lovers (2004)
   27. DeKok and the Mask of Death (2000)
   28. DeKok and the Corpse by Return (1998)
   29. DeKok and the Murder in Bronze (2004)
   30. DeKok and the Deadly Warning (2003)
   31. DeKok and the Murder in First Class (1998)
   33. DeKok and Murder On the Menu (1992)
   35. DeKok and Dance Macabre (2002)
   36. DeKok and the Devils Conspiracy (2002)
   37. DeKok and the Disfiguring Death (2002)
   38. DeKok and the Duel at Night (2002)
   DeKok and Murder Depicted (2004)
   Dekok and the Vendetta (2004)
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