A C Benson's picture

A C Benson

(Arthur Christopher Benson)
UK flag (1862 - 1925)
Brother of E F Benson and R H Benson

   The Thread of Gold (1905)
   Rossetti (1906)
   Walter Pater (1906)
   The Altar Fire (1907)
   Beside Still Waters (1907)
   At Large (1908)
   The Silent Isle (1910)
   The Beauty of Life (1912)
   The Child of the Dawn (1912)
   Joyous Gard (1913)
   Watersprings (1913)
   The Orchard Pavilion (1914)
   Where No Fear Was (1914)
   The House Of Menerdue (1925)
   Along the Road (1926)
   The Canon (1926)
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   Poems (poems) (1893)
   Lyrics (1895)
   Lord Vyet (poems) (1897)
   The Hill of Trouble (1903)
   The Isles of Sunset (1904)
   The Poems of A. C. Benson (poems) (1909)
   Paul the Minstrel (1911)
   The Reed of Pan (1922)
   Basil Netherby (1926)
   Ghosts in the House (1996) (with R H Benson)
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Non fiction
   Men of Might (1892) (with H F W Tatham)
   Essays (1897)
   Life of Edward White Benson (1901)
   The Olive Bough (1904)
   Edward Fitzgerald (1905)
   Tennyson (1905)
   From a College Window (1906)
   The House of Quiet (1907)
   The Upton Letters (1907)
   The Letters of Queen Victoria (1908)
   The Leaves of the Tree (1911)
   Ruskin (1911)
   Escape and Other Essays (1915)
   Hugh (1915)
   Cambridge Essays on Education (1917)
   Chris Gascoyne (1924)
   Memories and Friends (1924)
   The Trefoil (1924)
   Essays of Today and Yesterday (1926)
   Rambles and Reflections (1926)
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Anthologies containing stories by A C Benson
The Mammoth Book of Dark Magic (2013)
(The Mammoth Book of ...)
edited by
Mike Ashley
The Mammoth Book of Sorceror's Tales (2011)
(The Mammoth Book of ...)
edited by
Mike Ashley
The Mammoth Book of Sorcerer's Tales (2004)
The Ultimate Collection of Magical Fantasy from Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, Patricia McKillip
(The Mammoth Book of ...)
edited by
Mike Ashley

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