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R H Benson

(Robert Hugh Benson)
UK flag (1871 - 1914)
Brother of A C Benson and E F Benson

Robert Hugh Benson AFSC KC*SG KGCHS was an English Anglican priest who in 1903 was received into the Roman Catholic Church in which he was ordained priest in 1904.
Anthologies containing stories by R H Benson
Short stories
The Blood-Eagle (1903)
The Bridge Over the Stream (1903)
'Consolatrix Afflictorum' (1903)
The Expected Guest (1903)
The Green Robe (1903)
In the Convent Chapel (1903)
In the Morning (1903)
Over the Gateway (1903)
The Sorrows of the World (1903)
The Traveller (1903)
Under Which King? (1903)
Unto Babes (1903)
The Watcher (1903)
With Dyed Garments (1903)
Father Bianchi's Tale (1907)
Father Brent's Tale (1907)
Father Girdlestone's Tale (1907)
Father Jenk's Tale (1907)
Father Macclesfield's Tale (1907)
Father Maddox's Tale (1907)
Father Martin's Tale (1907)
Father Meuron's Tale (1907)
The Father Rector's Tale (1907)
Father Stein's Tale (1907)
Monsignor Maxwell's Tale (1907)
Mr Bosanquet's Tale (1907)
Mr Percival's Tale (1907)
My Own Tale (1907)