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Born and raised in Massachusetts, Brunonia Barry studied literature and creative writing at Green Mountain College in Vermont and at the University of New Hampshire. She has created Brain Teaser puzzles for Smart Games and lives in Salem, Massachusetts, with her husband and their beloved golden retriever, Byzantium.

Genres: Mystery
Brunonia Barry recommends
The Book of Fires (2009)
Jane Borodale
"This astonishing description of 18th-century England, the creation of fireworks, and the determined Agnes held me happily captive."
On the Broken Shore (2010)
James MacManus
"Wonderfully mythical... a story of guilt, alienation, and the power of the sea to transform and heal."
Jane Was Here (2011)
Sarah Kernochan
"An eerie story that not only kept me guessing but kept me up at night. Sarah Kernochan delivers a quirky tale with the perfect amount of creepiness, intrigue, and small town New England politics. A perfect choice for book clubs."
The House of Velvet and Glass (2012)
Katherine Howe
"Richly atmospheric, The House of Velvet and Glass transported me to the turn of the twentieth century and a world changing as rapidly and irrevocably as our own. A gifted historian and storyteller, Katherine Howe has created a vividly imagined world that made me want to suspend time, lingering just a bit longer with the characters who live there, before the whole thing vanished in the clouded glass."
The Secrets of Mary Bowser (2012)
Lois Leveen
"Masterfully written... Shines a new light onto our country's darkest history. Balancing fire and grace, the story of Mary Bowser takes us from hatered to courage to love."
The Clover House (2013)
Henriette Lazaridis Power
"This is one of the best books I've read in a long time."
All the Ugly and Wonderful Things (2016)
Bryn Greenwood
"An emotionally resonant novel with an unlikely cast of characters you won't soon forget."
The Lost Queen (2018)
(Lost Queen, book 1)
Signe Pike
"Rich in detail and elegantly written, The Lost Queen is a boldly feminine heroic journey to a place and time of unbearable change. Hypnotic and sensual, Pike’s story reawakens us to something long ago lost between landscape and memory, where the Old Way still exists, and the bond between brother and sister cannot be broken. Mystical, beautiful, and destined to become a classic."

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