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Katherine Howe's family has lived in the area around Salem Massachusetts for generations dating back to the 1620s. She is a descendant of two accused Salem witches - Elizabeth Proctor and Elizabeth Howe. Katherine is a PhD candidate at Boston University.

Genres: Historical, Young Adult Fiction, Literary Fiction
New and upcoming books
   The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane (2009)
     aka The Lost Book of Salem
   The House of Velvet and Glass (2012)
   Conversion (2014)
   The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen (2015)
   The Daughters of Temperance Hobbs (2019)
   A True Account (2023)
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Katherine Howe recommends
Malice House (2022)
(Malice Compendium, book 1)
Megan Shepherd
"Gripping, chilling, creepy, and enthralling, Megan Shepherd's new thriller Malice House channels Shirley Jackson, if Shirley Jackson knew how to make me check under the bed every night before going to sleep. Malice House is a must for readers who love gothic horror, creaking old houses, attics overflowing with dark secrets, or for anyone who has ever secretly suspected that there is an entire other universe hovering just out of reach."
The Change (2022)
Kirsten Miller
"There is a specter haunting women - the specter of rage. Kirsten Miller has woven a fun, gripping, lush, real fable, a Stepford Wives for the twenty-first century, a Witches of Eastwick if it had actually been written by a woman. THE CHANGE is poisonous as henbane, and twice as delicious."
Unclaimed Baggage (2018)
Jen Doll
"Jen Doll's luminous, deeply felt debut novel Unclaimed Baggage will claim your heart as immediately as it claimed mine. Anyone who has felt out of step in her hometown, anyone who has felt like she was living in a constant state of culture shock despite never having left home, anyone carrying heavy bags, be they literal or emotional, will spark to this story of friendship, selfhood, and discovery of abandoned treasures."

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