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Christopher Brown

Genres: Science Fiction
Anthologies edited
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2018) : Tropic of Kansas

Christopher Brown recommends
The City Where We Once Lived (2018)
Eric Barnes
"An intensely envisioned work of dystopian realism and American desolation, beautifully drawn from the slow-motion apocalypse of everyday life."
A Study in Honor (2018)
(Janet Watson Chronicles, book 1)
Claire O'Dell
"An entertaining and empathetic dystopian procedural that navigates the capital of an America at war with itself, tracking the path to recovery from personal and national trauma."
Of Mice and Minestrone (2020)
(Hap and Leonard Collections)
Joe R Lansdale
"In these character studies of his two most charismatic protagonists, Joe Lansdale takes us to the dark side of Mayberry - authentic tales of small town life in the heart of the twentieth century that also provide an unflinching look at the violence that charged the last gasps of Jim Crow, with all the force of the Sabine River at flood stage."
All Things Left Wild (2020)
James Wade
"An intense and lyrical journey through the borderzone of the American Southwest in a time before walls, infused with the real feeling of the land, and of the violence its conquest engenders."
Robot Artists and Black Swans (2021)
Bruce Sterling
"Bruno Argento is the Calvino of the Cyberpunks, and in this new collection Bruce Sterling channels his Turinese alter ego to conjure dark and wondrous visions of alternate Europes past, present and future. A perfectly curated selection of the best recent works from a living master of short form SF, Robot Artists & Black Swans shows what can be achieved when a writer fully embraces the possibilities of becoming a character in one of his own stories."

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