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Anthony Boucher

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aka H H Holmes, Herman W Mudgett

Anthony Boucher (born William Anthony Parker White) (August 21, 1911 April 29, 1968) was an American science fiction editor and author of mystery novels and short stories. He was particularly influential as an editor. Between 1942 and 1947 he acted as reviewer of mostly mystery fiction for the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition to 'Anthony Boucher,' White also employed the pseudonym 'H. H. Holmes', which was the name of a 19th-century serial killer.

In a poll of 17 detective story writers and reviewers, his novel Nine Times Nine was voted as the ninth best locked room mystery of all time.

White was born in Oakland, California, and went to college at the University of Southern California. He later received a Masters degree from the University of California, Berkeley. He was admired for his mystery writing but was most noted for his editing, his science fiction anthologies, and his mystery reviews for many years in The New York Times. He was the first English translator of Jorge Luis Borges, translating "El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan" for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. He helped found the Mystery Writers of America in 1946 and, in the same year, was one of the first winners of the MWA's Edgar Award for his mystery reviews in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Genres: Science Fiction, Mystery
Fergus O'Breen
   1. The Case of the Crumpled Knave (1939)
   2. The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars (1940)
     aka Blood on Baker Street
   3. The Case of the Solid Key (1941)
   4. The Case of the Seven Sneezes (1942)
   The Case of the Seven of Calvary (1937)
   Rocket to the Morgue (1942) (as by H H Holmes)
   Far and Away (1953)
   The Compleat Werewolf (1969)
   Exeunt Murderers (1983)
   The Incompleat Boucher (1998)
   The Compleat Boucher (1999)
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Anthologies edited
Omnibus editions
   Four Novels (1984)
Series contributed to
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Anthologies containing stories by Anthony Boucher
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Short stories
Snulbug (1941)
Barrier (1942)
The Compleat Werewolf [short story] (1942)
The Ghost of Me (1942)
Q.U.R. (1942) (as by H H Holmes)
They Bite (1942)
Elsewhen (1943)
Expedition (1943)
Robinc (1943)
Sriberdegibit (1943)
Star Bride (1943)
We Print the Truth (1943)
Mr Lupescu (1945)
The Pink Caterpillar (1945)
Review Copy (1949) (as by H H Holmes)
The Quest for Saint Aquin (1951)
The Ambassadors (1952)
The Anomaly of the Empty Man (1952)
The First (1952)
The Other Inauguration (1953)
Secret of the House (1953)
Balaam (1954)
Report on the Sexual Behavior of the Extra-Sensory Perceptor (1954) (as by Herman W Mudgett)
Nellthu (1955)
A Shape in Time (1970)

Anthony Boucher recommends
The Hollywood Murders (2000)
Ellery Queen
"Ellery Queen IS the American detectivestory."
It's Cold Out There (1966)
Malcolm Braly
"Braly... exposes most of the toughly 'realistic' writers as naive romantics."
Gascoyne (1966)
Stanley Crawford
"A wild novel of black humor... wonderful."
Gideon's Vote (1964)
(Gideon, book 10)
J J Marric (John Creasey)
"The novel is wholly admirable, and no one else could possibly have written it."
The Bedroom Bolero (1963)
(Ed Noon, book 13)
Michael Avallone
Undertow (1962)
(Johnny Fedora Espionage Assignment)
Desmond Cory
"For my money, Johnny Fedora, professional killer for British Intelligence, more than deserves to take over James Bond's avid audience."

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