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William Gibson

Canada (b.1948)

William Gibson is the award-winning author of Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, The Difference Engine, with Bruce Sterling, Virtual Light, Idoru, All Tomorrow's Parties and Pattern Recognition. William Gibson lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Genres: Science Fiction
   Burning Chrome (1986)
   #cyberpunkNOW and the Dystopian Moment: The London Reader, Volume One (2020) (with George Bartlett, Will Cerbone, Ike Hamil, Zak Kain, Alexander H Maurice, Lena Ng, Kim Stanley Robinson, Reishi Rousseau, Bruce Sterling, Benn Ward and Dann Was)
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Short stories
The Belonging Kind (1981) (with John Shirley)
The Gernsback Continuum (1981)
Johnny Mnemonic [short story] (1981)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Burning Chrome [short story] (1982)Nebula Awards (nominee)
Fragments of a Hologram Rose (1984)
New Rose Hotel (1984)
Dogfight (1985) (with Michael Swanwick)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards (nominee)
The Winter Market (1986)Hugo (nominee)
Nebula Awards (nominee)
Thirteen Views of a Cardboard City (1997)

Nebula Awards Best Short Story nominee (1982) : Johnny Mnemonic [short story]
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1983) : Burning Chrome [short story]
Philip K Dick Award Best Book winner (1984) : Neuromancer
Hugo Best Novel winner (1985) : Neuromancer
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (1985) : Neuromancer
Nebula Awards Best Novel winner (1985) : Neuromancer
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1986) : Dogfight
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1986) : Dogfight
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1987) : Count Zero
Hugo Best Novellette nominee (1987) : The Winter Market
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1987) : Count Zero
Nebula Awards Best Novellette nominee (1987) : The Winter Market
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1989) : Mona Lisa Overdrive
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1989) : Mona Lisa Overdrive
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (1992) : The Difference Engine
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1992) : The Difference Engine
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1994) : Virtual Light
British Science Fiction Association Best Novel nominee (2003) : Pattern Recognition
Arthur C. Clarke Award Best Book nominee (2004) : Pattern Recognition
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2011) : Zero History
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2015) : The Peripheral

Books about William Gibson
William Gibson recommends
Little Heroes (1987)
Norman Spinrad
"Ferocious and funny, street smart and heartfelt."
Force Majeure (1988)
Bruce Wagner
"As knowing a novel of late-twentieth century Hollywood as one is likely to encounter, brilliantly detailed and remorselessly funny. Mr Wagner is a major talent."
The Last Coin (1988)
(Christian Trilogy, book 1)
James P Blaylock
"Blaylock is a singular American fabulist."
Passion Play (1993)
Sean Stewart
"Dark and nastily believable...Sean Stewart is a talent to watch."
Clipjoint (1994)
(Crashcourse, book 2)
Wilhelmina Baird
"A pungeant, gleamy-dark street-future."
Tea from an Empty Cup (1998)
(Artificial Reality Division, book 1)
Pat Cadigan
"Her fiction is ambitious and brilliantly executed. Cadigan is a major talent."
The Twist (1999)
Richard Calder
"Dark, edgy and inflicted with just the right degree of lyricism."
As Above, So Below (2002)
Rudy Rucker
"A delightful book, one that carries us through the sixteenth-century picture-plane at extraordinary angles, illuminating Bruegel, his art and his world, with warmth and candor."
Eastern Standard Tribe (2004)
Cory Doctorow
"Utterly contemporary and deeply peculiar - a hard combination to beat."
The Zenith Angle (2004)
Bruce Sterling
"A darkly comic fable of info-war, the black budget, uber-geek idealism and the politics of Homeland Insecurity. Sterling's grasp of the surfaces of contemporary reality is deftly prehensile; his understanding of what underlies those surfaces is both compelling and important."
The John Varley Reader (2004)
John Varley
"Quite literally unforgettable."
Strange Itineraries (2005)
Tim Powers
"Tim Powers is a brilliant writer."
Anansi Boys (2005)
(American Gods, book 2)
Neil Gaiman
"A writer of rare perception and endless imagination."
Butcher Bird (2007)
Richard Kadrey
"[Kadrey's] one of the hipper people in the field, that's for sure."
Halting State (2007)
(Halting State, book 1)
Charles Stross
"As keenly observant of our emergent society as it is of our emergent technologies. Halting State is one extremely smart species of fun."
Zoo City (2010)
Lauren Beukes
"Lauren Beukes is very, *very* good... it feels effortless, utterly accomplished."
Everything is Broken (2011)
John Shirley
"One of our best and most singular writers. A powerhouse of ideas and imagery."
Tropic of Kansas (2017)
Christopher Brown
"Futurist as provocateur! The world is sheer batshit genius . . . a truly hallucinatorily envisioned environment."
Autonomous (2017)
Annalee Newitz
"Something genuinely and thrillingly new in the naturalistic, subjective, paradoxically humanistic but non-anthropomorphic depiction of bot-POV - and all in the service of vivid, solid storytelling."

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