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D. V. Bishop is an award-winning screenwriter, and TV dramatist. His love for the city of Florence and the Renaissance period meant there could be only one setting for his crime fiction debut.

Genres: Historical Mystery
New Books
June 2023

Ritual of Fire
(Cesare Aldo, book 3)
Cesare Aldo
   1. City of Vengeance (2021)
   2. The Darkest Sin (2022)
   3. Ritual of Fire (2023)
D V Bishop recommends
The Moon Represents My Heart (2023)
Pim Wangtechawat
"An extraordinary debut. Pim Wangtechawat creates a magical tale of love, loss and yearning, full of poetic prose and powerful insight. This novel breaks your heart yet gives you hope - and it features the best Bruce Lee cameo in contemporary fiction!"
The Maiden (2023)
Kate Foster
"The Maiden is historical fiction at its finest. A true-life murder tale told thrilingly through the eyes of two very different women, yet both are fighting for their futures in a patriarchal world riven by hypocrisy."
Death in Kabul (2022)
(MacKenzie and Khan, book 1)
Alison Belsham and Nick Higgins
"A tense, taut and totally authentic thriller that grips from the first page and doesn't let go. Death in Kabul immerses you in 2003 Kabul, riven by corruption where danger lurks in every alley. Be careful who you trust."
The Twyford Code (2022)
Janice Hallett
"Packed with perplexing puzzles and linguistic legerdemain, but behind that is a poignant tale of redemption."
Black Drop (2021)
(Laurence Jago, book 1)
Leonora Nattrass
"Leonora Nattrass brings Georgian London vividly to life in a delectable dose of secrets, lies and sinister skullduggery. Take care not to swallow this tincture of intrigue in a single sitting!"

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