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essica Anya Blau's passionate and poignant debut novel is a story of one girl's coming of age in 1970's Southern California."

Genres: Literary Fiction
Non fiction
   The Unexpected Spy (2020) (with Tracy Walder)
Jessica Anya Blau recommends
The More You Ignore Me... (2009)
Jo Brand
"[A] wild, often heartbreaking, wonderfully playful novel."
A Small Fortune (2010)
(Fortune , book 1)
Audrey Braun
"A sexy mysterious romp with literary overtones."
Domestic Violets (2011)
Matthew Norman
"Domestic Violets ia a fast, fun, hilarious read."
Q: A Love Story (2011)
Evan Mandery
"Utterly original and totally unforgettable."
Fathermucker (2011)
Greg Olear
"Only a writer with the verve, daring and great talent of Greg Olear could pull off a novel that deals with sippy cups, masturbation, autism spectrum disorder, affairs, and playdates all at once. Fathermucker is delightfully unexpected, wholly original, and a joy to read."
We Only Know So Much (2012)
Elizabeth Crane
"Not since The Royal Tenenbaums have I loved a family so much. They seemed so real I felt like I was reading my own family story."
The Finishing School (2017)
Joanna Goodman
"THE FINISHING SCHOOL plunges the reader headfirst into a fast-paced, nail-biting mystery that also manages to explore friendship, love, adolescence, family and motherhood. By the time you reach the unexpected ending, you’ll practically be gasping for air."
Don't Skip Out on Me (2018)
Willy Vlautin
"I absolutely loved Don’t Skip Out On Me, just as I have loved all of Vlautin’s previous novels. Vlautin’s gritty, scrappy world bursts with a tenderness that will hook you in from the first line to the last. This is a writer who should never be ignored."
You Can Go Home Now (2020)
Michael Elias
"Michael Elias writes women like a woman; and he writes a police thriller like a former cop. You Can Go Home Now will keep you up at night, breathlessly turning the pages until the riveting end. I couldn't put this book down! Elias has masterfully written a moving and terrifying story that feels so potent and current, I can't believe something like this hasn't shown up in the news yet."
Happily Whatever After (2020)
Stewart Lewis
"Happily Whatever After is a reminder that our lives can take shape in the most unexpected places. It’s a hilarious romp that will make you laugh, cry, and then laugh again."
Tante Eva (2021)
Paula Bomer
"I have read and loved all of Paula Bomer’s books but with Tante Eva she has taken her talent up a notch. From the opening scene to the final the pages this novel is utterly gripping, exquisitely written and wholly original. Tante Eva is Bomer in her mightiest form; a triumph."
Palm Beach (2021)
Mary Adkins
"Mary Adkins’ PALM BEACH is a rare page-turner that gives you all the fun and decadence of a beach read while exploring the relevant issues around wealth inequity. I opened it up and could not stop reading!"
Reservations for Six (2022)
Lindsey J Palmer
"A wonderfully wise, acutely observed story of love, lust, relationships and marriage. Palmer's insight into the variegated wants and whims of the human heart is revelatory. A fun, fast, and insightful read."
Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair (2022)
June Gervais
"Gervais' debut is an utterly original, wonderfully charming story that dives deep into the fringe world of 80s Long Island. I couldn't stop reading!"
The Measure (2022)
Nikki Erlick
"The Measure is utterly original and wonderfully mysterious. Through Erlick's deft prose and clever logic, I threw away all disbelief and fully plunged into the unsettling but life-affirming world she creates."
Groupies (2022)
Sarah Priscus
"What a thrill it is to read Sarah Priscus' 70s rock, California-dreaming Groupies. This shimmering debut is packed with tenderness and awe against a backdrop of drugs, sex, rock stars, and high drama. Faun is a lovable, believable, and wonderfully drawn character who will remain in my heart and mind for a very, very long time."
The Means (2022)
Amy Fusselman
"Amy Fusselman's The Means is an absolute delight! Anyone who's ever wanted more than they had - so, all of us - will be unable to turn away from this wise, funny, page-turning story of relationships, motherhood, and real estate ambitions."

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