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Willy Vlautin was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. He has had stories published in such magazines as Zembla, Cold Drill, Sun Dog Southeast Review, and Chiron Review.

He is also a member of the internationally acclaimed band Richmond Fontaine. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Genres: Literary Fiction, Horror
   The Motel Life (2006)
   Northline (2008)
   Lean on Pete (2010)
   The Free (2014)
   Don't Skip Out on Me (2018)
   The Night Always Comes (2021)
   This Side of the Divide (2023) (with Day Al-Mohamed, Kate Bernheimer, Dominique Dickey, Tessa Fontaine, Yuri Herrera, Ken Liu, Isle McElroy and Benjamin Percy)
Omnibus editions
International IMPAC Dublin Literary Awards Best Novel nominee (2012) : Lean on Pete

Willy Vlautin recommends
Small Town Sins (2023)
Ken Jaworowski
"A tour de force of lives on the edge. A page-turner that I couldn't put down. When you think left, it hits you right; when you think it's safe, the ice starts to crack. A seriously good noir thriller."
Cyclorama (2022)
Adam Langer
"I've been a huge fan of Adam Langer's ever since his brilliant debut Crossing California. Cyclorama once again confirms that he's a writer who can do anything--ten points of view spanning 34 years all centered around a high school play of Anne Frank. It's a novel that investigates how adolescent trauma manifests itself though adulthood; it's also impossible to put down."
The Bramble and the Rose (2020)
(Henry Farrell, book 3)
Tom Bouman
"Officer Henry Farrell is a character I hope to read about for years to come."
Little Faith (2019)
Nickolas Butler
"A novel as tender and generous as any I've read. It's a three a.m. I gotta get some sleep but can't stop reading sorta book. Heart stoppingly good."
The Guilt We Carry (2019)
Samuel W Gailey
"The main character from The Guilt We Carry, Alice O’Farrell, kept me up until five a.m. She is tragic, flawed, beaten down, but tough enough and resilient enough to survive. Gailey has delivered one of my favorite characters in recent memory. A non-stop burner of a novel."
Night Train (2018)
Thom Jones
"Thom Jones is a one of a kind real deal genius. I would scream it from a skyscraper if it would help, I'd sell his books door to door just to let people know, and if I had enough copies I'd break into every motel and hotel I came across and leave a copy. He's one of America's great short story masters."

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