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Landon Beach

Born and raised in Michigan, Landon Beach spent most of his summers on the beaches of Lake Huron dreaming about writing suspenseful fiction that would captivate readers. He learned a great deal about writing in his MA program and, encouraged by family members and close friends, decided to finally release his work. The best part of publishing (and a huge relief!) has been to discover that people seem to enjoy his stories. It is with great pride and humility that he is able to say he is now a bestselling author.

He doesn't think that there really is a conventional track now to becoming an author, as he took an interesting route to find his passion. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, he served as a Surface Warfare Officer and traveled all over the world, enjoying the opportunity to meet different people from a variety of cultures. At the end of his service, he was an NROTC Assistant Professor of Naval Science. It was then he discovered a love for teaching, which has led him to serve for over a decade now in a different capacity--as a high school English teacher. He is constantly inspired by his students and treasures the rewarding career that teaching has been. It has also allowed him time to pursue his hobby of writing stories to entertain complete strangers, which, he admits, seems like a crazy way to spend his free time. 

He currently lives in Florida with his wife and two daughters, who are his life. He hopes to be able to bring some fun, escapism, and adventure to your life, wherever you live, for many years to come. More than anything else, he is grateful for his fans and loves to chat with them. You can find out more about Landon and how to reach him at Happy Beach Reading!

Genres: Mystery, Thriller

Great Lakes Saga
   1. The Wreck (2018)
   2. The Sail (2019)
   3. The Cabin (2019)
   4. The Hike (2021)
   Narrator (2022)