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Murray Bail

Australia (b.1941)

Murray Bail is an Australian writer of novels, short stories and non-fiction.

He was born in Adelaide, South Australia on 22 September 1941, and has lived most of his life in Australia except for sojourns in India (1968-1970) and England and Europe (1970-1974). He currently lives in Sydney.

He was also trustee of the National Gallery of Australia from 1976 to 1981, and wrote a book on Australian artist, Ian Fairweather.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Homesickness (1980)
   Holden's Performance (1987)
   Eucalyptus (1998)
   The Pages (2008)
   The Voyage (2013)
   The Drover's Wife (1975)
   Contemporary Portraits (1975)
   Camouflage (2000)
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