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Andre Dubus III

USA flag (b.1959)
Son of Andre Dubus, cousin of James Lee Burke

Andre Dubus III is an American novelist and writer of short stories. He is a member of the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Genres: Literary Fiction
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April 2023

Reaching Inside
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   Townie (2011)
National Book Award for Fiction Best Book nominee (1999) : House of Sand and Fog
Oprah's Book Club Best Book nominee (2000) : House of Sand and Fog

Andre Dubus III recommends
My Only Story (2000)
Monica Wood
"Luminous... Monica Wood has brilliantly captured the human need to love, the heart's desire to nurture, the soul's urge to sacrifice."
In the River Sweet (2002)
Patricia Henley
"Gorgeously written and suffused with wisdom, In the River Sweet is an absolute superb novel from one of our best."
The Anarchist (2009)
John Smolens
"John Smolens is that rare and gifted writer..."
Everything Beautiful Began After (2011)
Simon Van Booy
"A powerful meditation on the undying nature of love and the often cruel beauty of one's own fate. This is a novel you simply must read!"
And God Said, Billy! (2013)
Frank Schaeffer
"Schaeffer's gift as a novelist are more than comic his writing has a deeper river flowing through it, one that is sensual and full of true grace."
Euphoria (2014)
Lily King
"There are some novels that take you by the hand with their lovely prose alone; there are those that pull you in with sensual renderings of time and place and a compelling story; and there are still others that seduce you solely with their subject matter. But it is a rare novel indeed that does all of the above at once and with complete artistic mastery. Yet this is precisely what Lily King has done in her stunningly passionate and gorgeously written Euphoria. It is simply one of the finest novels I've read in years, and it puts Lily King firmly in the top rank of our most accomplished novelists."
Lucky You (2017)
Erika Carter
"Lucky You is not only a superb novel, it heralds a strong and authentic new voice among us. From here on out, I will read whatever Erika Carter writes!"
The Balcony (2018)
Jane Delury
"Jane Delury's gifts as a writer of fiction are in such abundance here, it is difficult to know where to begin: her characters - each and every one - whether male or female, young or old, French or American, wealthy or just barely surviving, a child of the 20th century or one-hundred years earlier - are living, breathing human beings I came to love and, in some cases, to mourn. Her landscapes are rendered as deftly as an impressionist painter's, and the pacing of each narrative in this exquisitely rendered novel-in-stories is downright masterly. But, what I admire most about The Balcony, is the depth and range of its inherent humanity. I adore this book. It is a true work of art and a most impressive literary debut."
Barker House (2020)
David Moloney
"In over thirty years of writing and teaching, I have not witnessed a stronger artistic debut than David Moloney's; in fact, Barker House does not remotely read like a debut but more as the seasoned work of a writer with enormous gifts. . . This book heralds the arrival of a new and important voice among us."
Yours, Jean (2020)
Lee Martin
"Written with a deep and wide-ranging compassion that is rare these days, Yours, Jean is a mesmerizingly beautiful novel. Whether he is writing from the point of view of a lonesome middle-aged mother, or a young woman beginning her life with expectant joy and wonder, or a confused teenage boy or girl, or men and women trying to find themselves in any way they can, even if that means harming another, Lee Martin evokes them all with a breathtakingly poetic grace that penetrates the essential mystery of what it means to be human. Lee Martin is a master, and Yours, Jean is one of the finest novels I’ve read in years."
Landslide (2021)
Susan Conley
"With spare yet evocative prose, Susan Conley beautifully renders here the tug and pull of what it means to be the only woman in a family of men, a woman who is trying to raise two boys on an island off the coast of Maine, while also tending to her injured fisherman husband, while also trying to be the film maker she has always hoped to be. Landslide is not only a wonderfully compelling portrait of a dying industry and the people who make their living from it, it is also a love letter to the enduring nature of family itself and the ties that bind us all."
The Revelations (2021)
Erik Hoel
"I have been writing and reading daily for decades, and I have never read anything like Erik Hoel’s remarkable debut novel. . . . The Revelations is a deeply compelling, thought-provoking, and frankly, unforgettable work, one that heralds the arrival of an important new voice among us."
Ocean State (2022)
Stewart O'Nan
"One of Stewart O'Nan's many gifts is a keen and unflinching eye lit with an abiding compassion for his characters, all of which is on display in his mesmerizing new novel, Ocean State. Set in the forgotten streets of post-industrial, blue collar Rhode Island, this timely and gritty tale takes us deeply into the lives of girls and women who must navigate the kind of loss that can either break or strengthen the ties that bind us all. Ocean State is a gem glittering in the darkness."
About Face (2022)
William Giraldi
"William Giraldi has achieved here the near-impossible: he has written a dark satire that is as deeply entertaining as it is thought-provoking. About Face is not only the most enjoyable book I have read in years, but also a profound meditation on fame and the attendant harm it can inflict on the very gifts that create it. This is a truly superb novel, and I cannot recommend it highly enough."
The Storyteller's Death (2022)
Ann Dávila Cardinal
"Ann Dávila Cardinal writes with the razored clarity of a surgeon, the spare and evocative beauty of a poet, and the immensely compelling passion of a natural born storyteller."
The All-American (2023)
Joe Milan Jr
"With lean, propulsive prose, Joe Milan, Jr. has created an unforgettable character in American fiction, Beyonghak 'Bucky' Yi, a 'stranded townie' whose gifts as a running back may just be able to change his life for the better. Part high-drama, part dark comedy of the absurd, The All American is as wonderfully entertaining as it is moving, and I simply could not put it down. I suspect that you won't be able to either."

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