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Sharon Bala

Sharon Bala is a member of the Port Authority writing group and her short fiction has been published in several Canadian magazines. The Boat People is her debut novel.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Sharon Bala recommends
Waiting for a Star to Fall (2020)
Kerry Clare
"When Kerry Clare's Waiting for a Star to Fall landed on my desk, I could not restrain myself and read the entire novel that same day. Taking a now familiar story as her starting point—famous man pummeled by sexual assault allegations—she ventures beyond the headlines, into terrain news stories can't cover. What gives these mediocre men their outsized confidence? Why do they act with so little regard for others and how do they keep getting away with it? Searching for answers, Clare turns the spotlight on her women characters, the ones who are hurt by these men even as they continue to enable them. A deft examination of power, complicity and accountability, Waiting for a Star to Fall is thoroughly engrossing. Clever and insightful, this book is a sheer delight."
The Most Precious Substance on Earth (2021)
Shashi Bhat
"High school is a setting ready-made for drama, a fact that Shashi Bhat exploits to great effect in her glorious novel. Bhat precisely captures adolescence with all its ennui and angst, and she is a master of observation, finding humor in the quotidian. Full of wit and insight, The Most Precious Substance on Earth is a joy to read. A sheer delight."

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