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Steven R Boyett

USA flag (b.1960)

Steven R. Boyett lives in Southern California and wouldn't have it any other way. Steve has been a writing teacher, editor, martial-arts instructor, and professional paper marbler, among other things. He is too modest to admit it, but he plays a mean digeridoo. His short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and he has also written comic books and a draft of the movie Toy Story 2.

Genres: Science Fiction, Horror
Anthologies containing stories by Steven R Boyett
Short stories
Rocinante (1984)
Bridge (1985)
Minutes of the Last Meeting at Olduvai Gorge (1987)
The Answer Tree (1988)
Emerald City Blues (1988)
Like Pavlov's Dogs (1989)
Prodigy (1992)
Man Overboard (1993)
Epiphany Beach (1994)
The Madonna of Port Lligat (1994)
Drifting off the Coast of New Mexico (1995)
Ithaca Bound (1995)
Current Affairs (1998)