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John M Skipp

(John Mason Skipp)
USA flag (b.1957)

John is a bestselling author and screenwriter whose eleven books have sold millions of copies and are reprinted in nine languages.

Genres: Horror
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by John M Skipp
Short stories
The Spirit of Things (1986)
Gentlemen (1987) (with Craig Spector)
Meat Market (1987) (with Craig Spector)
Film at Eleven (1988)
I've Been Wating All My Life to Meet You (1988)
The Punchline (1995) (with Marc Levinthal)
All This and Heaven, Too (1996)
On a Big Night in Monster History (1996) (with Marc Levinthal)
Now Entering Monkeyface (1998) (with Marc Levinthal)