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Bernard Capes

UK flag (1870 - 1918)

Capes was born in London, one of eleven children: his elder sister, Harriet Capes, was a noted translator and author of more than a dozen children's books. His grandfather, John Capes, had converted to Roman Catholicism, so Capes was brought up a Catholic, and educated at the Catholic college Beaumont College. Capes was a prolific Victorian author, publishing more than forty volumes - romances, mysteries, poetry, history - together with many articles for the magazines of the day. His early writing career was as a journalist, later becoming editor of a paper called The Theatre, which was well known in late nineteenth century London.

Genres: Mystery
Anthologies containing stories by Bernard Capes
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Short stories
The Moon Stricken (1889)
The Black Reaper [short story] (1899)
The Accursed Cordonnier (1900)
The Sword of Corporal Lacoste (1900)
The Green Bottle (1902)
A Gallows-Bird (1906)
A Ghost-Child (1906)
Poor Lucy Rivers (1906)
The Marble Hands (1915)
The Mask (1915)
A Queer Cicerone (1915)
The Thing in the Forest (1915)