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Robert W Chambers's picture

Robert W Chambers

(Robert William Chambers)
USA flag (1865 - 1933)

Robert William Chambers was an American artist and writer. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and died at his home in the village of Broadalbin, on December 16th 1933.

Genres: Horror

In the Quarter (1894)
The Red Republic (1895)
With the Band (1896)
A King and a Few Dukes (1897)
Lorraine (1897)
The Witch of Ellangowan (1897)
Ashes of Empire (1898)
The Haunts of Men (1898)
The Cambric Mask (1899)
Maids of Paradise (1902)
Outdoorland (1902)
Orchard-land (1903)
In Search of the Unknown (1904)
Shot Out (1904)
Forest-land (1905)
The Fighting Chance (1906)
Mountain-land (1906)
The Tracer of Lost Persons (1906)
Garden-land (1907)
The Tree of Heaven (1907)
The Younger Set (1907)
The Firing Line (1908)
Some Ladies in Haste (1908)
The Danger Mark (1909)
Hide and Seek in Forest Land (1909)
Special Messenger (1909)
Ailsa Paige (1910)
The Green Mouse (1910)
The Adventures of a Modest Man (1911)
The Common Law (1911)
Daughter of Revolution (1911)
Lords of Creation (1911)
Pro Bono Publico (1911)
Blue-bird Weather (1912)
Japonette (1912)
The Streets of Ascalon (1912)
The Better Man (1916)
The Girl Philippa (1916)
Play Girl in Fiction (1916)
The Dark Star (1917)
The Laughing Girl (1918)
The Restless Sex (1918)
The Crimson Tide (1919)
In Secret (1919)
The Moonlit Way (1919)
The Slayer of Souls (1920)
A Story of Primitive Love (1920)
Eris (1922)
The Flaming Jewel (1922)
The hi-jackers (1923)
The Talkers (1923)
America (1924)
The Girl in Golden Rags (1924)
The Mystery Lady (1925)
The Man They Hanged (1926)
The Drums of Aulone (1927)
The Rogue's Moon (1928)
The Sun Hawk (1928)
The Happy Parrot (1929)
The Rake and the Hussy (1929)
Beating Wings (1930)
The Painted Minx (1930)
Gitana (1931)
War Paint and Rouge (1931)
Whistling Cat (1932)
Whatever Love Is (1933)
Secret Service Operator 13 (1934)
The Young Man's Girl (1934)
The Gold Chase (1935)
Love and the Lieutenant (1935)
The Fifth Horseman (1937)
Marie Halkett (1937)
Smoke of Battle (1938)



Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Robert W Chambers
Short stories
The Third Eye
The Demoiselle D'Ys (1895)
In the Court of the Dragon (1895)
The Mask (1895)
The Prophet's Paradise (1895)
The Repairer of Reputations (1895)
Rue Barree (1895)
The Street of Our Lady of the Fields (1895)
The Street of the Four Winds (1895)
The Street of the First Shell (1895)
The Yellow Sign [short story] (1895)
The Messenger (1897)
Passeur (1897)
The Harbor-Master (1899)
The Bridal Pair (1902)
The Tracer of Lost Persons and the Seal of Solomon Cypher (1906)

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