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Claire Suzanne Elizabeth Cooney is an American writer of fantasy literature. She is best known for her fantasy poetry and short stories and has won the Rhysling Award for her poem “The Sea King’s Second Bride” in 2011 and the World Fantasy Award—Collection for her collection Bone Swans in 2016.
C S E Cooney recommends
The Robots of Gotham (2018)
Todd McAulty
"If Johnny 5 had a baby with the Terminator, the result would be The Robots of Gotham a book that explores the consequences of world domination by our Robot Overlords. (And, lest we forget the badassiest of them, our Robot Overladies.) Drones, dinosaurs, and doggies--with a plague thrown in for good measure!--the barter is banter, and death is cheap. With man against machine, machine against machine, man against man, unlikely alliances must be forged across all species, rational or otherwise. For all its breakneck world-building, constant questing, and relentless wheeling and dealing, The Robots of Gotham is deceptively deep-hearted: a novel about, of all things, friendship."
For the Killing of Kings (2018)
(Ring-Sworn Trilogy, book 1)
Howard Andrew Jones
"Honor pushed out of fashion by fanaticism, honest talent diverted by tyranny, monsters at every border, deceit guiding all: For the Killing of Kings is a fantasy for our times, with a sword at its backbone but humans at its heart. World-building shines out of every ritual, in fragments of poetry and lines of plays. There are strong women on practically every page, strong friendships, plenty of warriors and mages, fight scenes galore, and a sense of playfulness to parry each stroke of solemnity. Reading Howard Andrew Jones is like opening a present from a friend who keeps promising, with a cheeky grin: 'This is my best one yet.' And it's always true."
Snow White Learns Witchcraft (2019)
Theodora Goss
"What will you find in these pages, dear reader? Why, the encyclopedia of everything (as written by an owl), what the mirror really knows, rubies red with wolf’s blood-and, surprise!—the secret of who actually spun that straw into gold. Ice, iron, apples, birds, bones, subversion: Theodora Goss’s new collection of stories and poems Snow White Learns Witchcraft is woven of the finest spider silk, a funnel-web of faerie tales that will catch you fast and not let you go."

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