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Sharon Shinn

USA flag (b.1957)

Sharon Shinn is a journalist who works for a trade magazine. A graduate of Northwestern University, she has lived in the Midwest most of her life.

Sharon Shinn won the William C. Crawford Award for Outstanding New Fantasy Writer and was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Fantasy, Science Fiction
Short stories
Nocturne (2011)

John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (1996) : The Shape-changer's Wife
John W. Campbell Best Book nominee (1997) : The Shape-changer's Wife
Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Best Book nominee (2011) : Troubled Waters

Sharon Shinn recommends
Lightborn (2010)
(Darkborn Trilogy, book 2)
Alison Sinclair
"Complex and engaging characters."
Enclave (2011)
(Razorland, book 1)
Ann Aguirre
"Spooky cool, grimly gorgeous, tactile, tough, and terrifying."
Linesman (2015)
(Linesman, book 1)
S K Dunstall
"Full of fast action, interplanetary intrigue, appealing characters, and a fascinating new take on the idea of the sentient spaceship."
Elisha Mancer (2017)
(Dark Apostle, book 4)
E C Ambrose
"A vivid, violent, and marvelously detailed historical fantasy set in the perilous world that is medieval England in the middle of a war. Elisha Barber wades through blood and battle in his pursuit of arcane knowledge - forbidden love - and dangerous magic."
At the Table of Wolves (2017)
(Dark Talents, book 1)
Kay Kenyon
"I kept thinking about the book long after I read the last page, and I can't wait to see where Kenyon's own Talents take us next."
A Secret History of Witches (2017)
Louisa Morgan
"A grand family saga rich with historical detail and threaded through with magic. Like the women at the heart of the story, the book gains its power from the unfolding of generations, each one building on the wisdom and the mistakes of the past. I loved each new story just a little more than the one before it, and I kept hoping to read even one more tale of the Orchiere women!"
The Sisters Mederos (2018)
(Tales of Port Saint Frey, book 1)
Patrice Sarath
"An exciting and absorbing read."
The Robots of Gotham (2018)
Todd McAulty
"When the robot apocalypse comes, I hope it's this much fun. Like The Martian and Ready Player One, The Robots of Gotham is set in a high-tech near-future where something has gone terribly wrong, and it's navigated by a hero who's quirky, resourceful, and as likable as they come. Read it for the rock'em-sock'em-robot action--read it for the deft world-building with its detailed taxonomy of intelligent machines--read it for the sobering parallels to modern-day issues and threats. Or just read it because it's a helluva good ride."
Saint Death's Daughter (2022)
(Saint Death, book 1)
C S E Cooney
"A story that is by turns sly, sensual, and surprisingly sweet, Cooney spins an unexpected tale with an absolutely perfect ending."

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