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Edgar Cantero

Spain (b.1981)

Edgar is a writer and cartoonist from Barcelona. The highly cultured Catalan literary tradition soon lost influence on him in favor of Hollywood blockbusters, videogames and old mass-market paperbacks. In 2007 he joined the often-trialed satirical magazine El Jueves and published his debut novel, Dormir amb Winona Ryder (Sleeping with Winona Ryder); it was followed by the punk dystopian thriller Vallvi in 2011. His material ranges from short stories to scripts in Catalan, Spanish or English. It often features girls kissing, stuff exploding, and ill-timed jokes. The Supernatural Enhancements (2014) is his first novel in English.

Genres: Mystery, Horror
Edgar Cantero recommends
On Earth as It Is on Television (2023)
Emily Jane
"Weird and sweet, On Earth as It Is on Television is like a 2020s White Noise: loud and colorful Americana with a sprinkle of apocalyptic doom--plus cats. It takes aliens (or an Emily Jane) to help us see our society for the bizarre, sugary, microplastic-poisoned dream it is."
The Shadow Glass (2022)
Josh Winning
"The Shadow Glass is like the old children's movies it worships: sometimes dark, but never heartless; gritty yet soulbaring. It embraces its referents as a whole: their beauty with their ugliness, the healing power of nostalgia with its potential to poison the present. But it never goes cynical, never loses faith. It stands proud with a VHS copy of its favorite movie held aloft, daring you to say it's not the greatest film ever."
My Sister, the Serial Killer (2018)
Oyinkan Braithwaite
"My Sister, the Serial Killer is a gem, in the most accurate sense: small, hard, sharp, and polished to perfection. Every pill-sized chapter is exemplary. Where others waste ink and trees, Braithwaite can conjure fully-detailed settings and characters with a finger snap. Of these, all shine. One dazzles. Tell Shirley Jackson that the Merricat Blackwood of the 21st century lives in Lagos, her name is Ayoola, and she is so obliviously/adorably/hilariously/heartbreakingly wicked, she'll make you cry tears of all flavors."

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