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Steve Erickson

(Stephen Michael Erickson)
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Stephen Michael Erickson (born April 20, 1950) is an American novelist, essayist and critic. His novels escape traditional classifications; no literary category describes them adequately. They are usually placed on the borders of surrealism or magical realism.

Genres: Science Fiction
   Days Between Stations (1985)
   Rubicon Beach (1986)
   Leap Year (1989)
   Tours of the Black Clock (1989)
   Arc d'X (1993)
   Amnesiascope (1996)
   The Sea Came in at Midnight (1999)
   Our Ecstatic Days (2005)
   Zeroville (2007)
   These Dreams of You (2012)
   Shadowbahn (2017)
Non fiction show
Steve Erickson recommends
Mother Howl (2023)
Craig Clevenger
"Clevenger's riveting, fearless and unshakeable Mother Howl is noir from the cold side of the sun, where Icarus is gravity's assassin and every search for the self leads through a black star."
Shaky Town (2021)
Lou Mathews
"No one writes, or maybe ever has written, as well as Mathews about the local streets and their navigations, liberations, and traps, as brilliantly demonstrated in these stories."
The Orange Eats Creeps (2010)
Grace Krilanovich
"A 'vampire' novel as Céline might have written, with dashes of Blake and Burroughs: hallucinatory, poetic, passionate, excessive, sexually charged, hardcore in all the best senses of the word. Twilight this is not."

Anthologies containing stories by Steve Erickson
The Vintage Book of Amnesia (2000)
An Anthology of Writing on the Subject of Memory Loss
edited by
Jonathan Lethem

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