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Elizabeth Cadell's picture

Elizabeth Cadell

(Elizabeth Violet Cadell)
UK flag (1903 - 1989)

aka Harriet Ainsworth

Elizabeth Cadell was born in 1903 in Calcutta, India. During the Great War she studied music in London, but refused a musical career and returned to India where she married and had two children. After she was widowed ten years later, she returned to England.

Elizabeth wrote her first book 'My Dear Aunt Flora' during the Second World War in 1946, thereafter producing another 51 light-hearted, humourous and romantic books which won her a faithful readership in England and America. She moved to Portugal in 1960 and subsequently set many of her books in that country. She died in 1989, aged eighty-five.
My Dear Aunt Flora (1946)
Last Straw for Harriet (1947)
     aka Fishy, Said the Admiral
Gay Pursuit (1948)
River Lodge (1948)
Iris in Winter (1949)
Brimstone in the Garden (1950)
Enter Mrs. Belchamber (1951)
     aka The Frenchman and the Lady
The Greenwood Shady (1951)
Sun in the Morning (1951)
Men and Angels (1952)
Journey's Eve (1953)
     aka Crystal Clear
Spring Green (1953)
The Cuckoo in Spring (1954)
When Gentlemen Go by (1954)
     aka Around the Rugged Rock / The Gentlemen Go By
Consider the Lilies (1955) (as by Harriet Ainsworth)
Money to Burn (1955)
I Love a Lass (1956)
Bridal Array (1957)
Shadow on the Water (1957)
The Green Empress (1958)
Shadows on the Water (1958)
Sugar Candy Cottage (1958)
Alice Where Are Thou? (1959)
Alice Where Art Thou? (1959)
The Yellow Brick Road (1960)
Honey for Tea (1961)
The Toy Sword (1962)
     aka Language of the Heart
Letter to My Love (1963)
Mixed Marriage (1963)
Be My Guest (1964)
Death Among Friends (1964) (as by Harriet Ainsworth)
Canary Yellow (1965)
The Fox from His Lair (1965)
The Corner Shop (1966)
The Stratton Story (1967)
     aka Mrs. Westerby Changes Course
The Golden Collar (1969)
The Friendly Air (1970)
The Past Tense of Love (1970)
Come Be My Guest (1971)
Home for the Wedding (1971)
The Haymaker (1972)
Royal Summons (1972)
Deck with Flowers (1973)
The Fledgling (1975)
Return Match (1976)
Game in Diamonds (1976)
Parson's House (1977)
The Round Dozen (1978)
Family Gathering (1979)
The Marrying Kind (1980)
Any Two Can Play (1981)
A Lion in the Way (1982)
Remains to Be Seen (1983)
The Waiting Game (1985)
The Empty Nest (1986)
Out of the Rain (1987)

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