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Jane Lindskold

USA flag (b.1962)

Jane  Lindskold  is the award-winning, bestselling author of more than twenty novels, including the incredibly popular Firekeeper series (Through Wolf's Eyes, Wolf's Blood), as well as more than sixty shorter works. Several of her novels have been chosen by VOYA for their Best SF, Fantasy and Horror list. Lindskold's work has been repeatedly praised for its sensitive depiction of worlds and cultures different from our own--especially those that aren't in the least human. She resides in New Mexico with her husband, anthropologist Jim Moore.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy
Non fiction
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Anthologies containing stories by Jane Lindskold
Short stories
Good Boy (1992)
Dark Lady (1995)
Domino's Tale (1995)
Kangaroo Straight (1995)
Relief (1995)
The Seventh Martial Art (1995)
Teapot (1995)
Child of the Night (1996)
A Dreaming of Dead Poets (1996)
Web-Surfing Past Lives (1996)
Hell's Mark (1997)
Small Heroes (1997)
Auspicious Stars (1998)
The Queen's Gambit (1998)
Winner Takes Trouble (1998)
The Beanstalk Incident (1999)
Out of Hot Water (1999)
The Big Lie (2000)
Endpoint Insurance (2000)
On the Edge of Sleep (2000)
Ruins of the Past (2000)
Sacrifice (2000)

Jane Lindskold recommends
Implanted (2018)
Lauren C Teffeau
"Futuristic intrigue solidly rooted in intricate, multi-level worldbuilding - spiced with just a touch of romance - singles Lauren C Teffeau's Implanted out from the cyberpunk pack."

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