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Emma Curtis was born in Brighton and brought up in London. Her fascination with the darker side of domestic life inspired her to write One Little Mistake, her first psychological suspense. She has two children and lives in Richmond with her husband.

Genres: Mystery
Emma Curtis recommends
Darling (2018)
Rachel Edwards
"Dark, provocative and a refreshing take on the psychological thriller genre. Darling and Lola are both brilliant creations."
One Little Lie (2018)
Sam Carrington
"Engrossing psychological suspense about the effect of a murder on the mother of a teenage killer. Sam Carrington had me hooked!"
Too Close (2018)
Natalie Daniels
"Seriously brilliant - quality writing, three dimensional characters and a sharp wit."
A Version of the Truth (2019)
B P Walter
"Such a confident debut from Barnaby Walter and the most disturbing thriller I’ve read this year."
The Perfect Betrayal (2019)
Lauren North
"As satisfyingly intriguing and page-turning as you could possibly want."
The Girl Before You (2019)
Nicola Rayner
"I adored this wonderfully assured debut. Nicola Rayner writes like a dream. An engrossing and emotionally honest writer. Can’t wait for her next book!"
Little Disasters (2019)
Sarah Vaughan
"Absolutely brilliant; an emotionally devastating story, brave and honest."
Gone (2019)
(Dr Bloom, book 1)
Leona Deakin
"If you like a proper, twisty nerve-wracking thriller, here's one for you!"
Hold Your Tongue (2019)
(DI Eve Hunter, book 1)
Deborah Masson
"If you like your crime novels blood-curdling, Deborah Masson's debut is terrifying, edge-of-your-seat stuff."
The Memory Wood (2020)
Sam Lloyd
"What a book! I haven't read anything quite this exciting since Room. You think all the stories have been told, then something like this comes along. Wonderful."
The Babysitter (2020)
Phoebe Morgan
"Brilliant – could not put it down."
My Darling (2020)
Amanda Robson
"My Darling is as more-ish as a box of chocolates. I kept trying to put it down, but it was almost impossible. A wickedly twisty plot with a satisfying end."
Two Wrongs (2021)
Rebecca Reid
"Two Wrongs is a perfectly paced and beautifully observed story of betrayal, guilt and regret. It's so accurate on the intense friendships you make at University. Zadie is a brilliant character that you both love and fume over - selfish, needy and broken. I really did race through it."
The Woman on the Bridge (2022)
Holly Seddon
"This is so good! Holly Seddon is brilliant at putting her protagonist in the worst possible situations and making her readers watch them writhe."
Do No Harm (2022)
Jack Jordan
"Seriously terrifying, chilling and unputdownable."
The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels (2023)
Janice Hallett
"Constantly surprising, witty and fresh. I really enjoyed it!"

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