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Harriet Tyce grew up in Edinburgh and studied English at Oxford University before doing a law conversion course at City University. She practised as a criminal barrister in London for nearly a decade, and recently completed an MA in Creative Writing - Crime Fiction at the University of East Anglia.

Genres: Mystery
   Farewell My Lovely (2018) (with Antony Dunford, Louise Mangos, Natalie Marlow, Nicola Monaghan, Louise Sharland, Wendy Turbin, Mark Wightman, Freya Wolfe and UEA Crime Writers)
Harriet Tyce recommends
The Hunting Party (2018)
Lucy Foley
"Just retribution… brilliant characterisation. And great fun!"
The Hidden Wife (2019)
Amanda Reynolds
"Tremendous. Tight plotting and strong writing carries the narrative along to a chilling conclusion."
The Most Difficult Thing (2019)
Charlotte Philby
"Compelling and complex – a compulsive read."
Lock Me In (2019)
Kate Simants
"Intricately plotted, beautifully written…with great pace, truly sympathetic characters, and a great twist at the end."
The Man on the Street (2019)
(Jimmy Mullen, book 1)
Trevor Wood
"The story races along at a cracking pace, lots of tension in the twists and turns, and Jimmy is hugely engaging and complex. It's a rare skill to develop a sympathetic character with such a chequered history for whom one so wants a happy ending. A deeply satisfying read."
Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line (2020)
Deepa Anappara
"Extraordinarily good, deeply moving and thought provoking with brilliant characterization . . . A very important book."
The Woods (2020)
Vanessa Savage
"Tense and creepy . . . brilliant."
The Temple House Vanishing (2020)
Rachel Donohue
"Atmospheric, creepy, tense and utterly absorbing - a great literary thriller set in a Catholic girls' boarding school. Loved this."
The Wreckage (2020)
Robin Morgan-Bentley
"Gripping with a great twist!"
All in Her Head (2020)
Nikki Smith
"All In Her Head is tense and very moving."
The Eighth Girl (2020)
Maxine Mei-Fung Chung
"Intricately plotted and sensitively written, The Eighth Girl draws the reader into the dark heart of London's underworld with relentless tension until the shock of the final reveal."
This Lovely City (2020)
Louise Hare
"Superb, compelling storytelling, beautifully drawn characters and atmosphere that’s deeply immersive."
Cherry Slice (2020)
(Cherry PI Mystery, book 1)
Jennifer Stone
"If you’re in need of comic distraction (as we all are…) this is extremely funny."
Black Widows (2020)
Cate Quinn
"It's a great hook and a tremendous read - I thoroughly enjoyed this. The tension ramps up all the way to the end and I loved the relationship between the wives."
Blurred Lines (2020)
Hannah Begbie
"Powerfully written, compulsive and timely."
The House (2020)
Imogen Robertson and Tom Watson
"A rare view from the inside of the Machiavellian machinations for power . . . Fascinating."
The Searcher (2020)
Tana French
"With a tension that mounts inexorably throughout, French creates a world whose characters stay with you long after the book is finished. I didn't want it to end."
The Push (2020)
Claire McGowan
"Huge fun with some very dark moments and brilliantly awful characters. Excellent, twisty plotting."
Girl A (2021)
Abigail Dean
"Powerful and immersive."
Shiver (2021)
Allie Reynolds
"Exhilarating. A brilliant combination of knife-sharp locked room mystery with a will they/won't storyline. So cleverly done - I felt like I was there."
Call Me Mummy (2021)
Tina Baker
"Horrifying and beautiful in equal measure, the characters truly lifelike in their all too human complexities. Brilliantly written and emotionally compulsive. I loved it."
Lightseekers (2021)
(Philip Taiwo, book 1)
Femi Kayode
"A superb novel – so inventive and so well done. It’s just brilliant."
Greenwich Park (2021)
Katherine Faulkner
"Razor-sharp prose, a properly twisty set up, lots of unlikeable characters and a strong feminist undercurrent - it's got the lot! I raced through it. Absolutely loved it."
Tall Bones (2021)
Anna Bailey
"Tall Bones brilliantly conjures up the oppressive claustrophobia of the small town... Extremely well written... fantastic."
The Killing Kind (2021)
Jane Casey
"There’s always the potential for danger in criminal trials, and Casey exploits this brilliantly in this tense and well-plotted novel. I loved it!"
The Therapist (2021)
Helene Flood
"Creepy, compelling and very well-written. The Norwegian setting and the questions it poses about crime and punishment are particularly interesting."
A Dark and Secret Place (2021)
Jen Williams
"Creepy and compelling, [Dog Rose Dirt] is a truly disturbing take on a serial killer narrative. I read it heart in mouth!"
Down by the Water (2021)
Elle Connel
"Down By The Water takes the reader on a weekend trip from hell... I loved the classy writing and ever-growing sense of unease in this clever subversion of a classic country house mystery."
The Turnout (2021)
Megan Abbott
"Abbott creates a dark and mesmerising world and, as always, is so brilliant at portraying women and girls and their competition and complexities ... It makes Black Swan look like a children's story."
The Book of Sand (2021)
Theo Clare
"I inhaled it! It's beautifully written and utterly compelling."
The Anomaly (2021)
Hervé Le Tellier
"It's a phenomenal read. I loved how it tied together. So clever yet also so gripping."
Vine Street (2021)
Dominic Nolan
"A tour de force. A brilliant marriage of tension and rich detail."
The Key in the Lock (2022)
Beth Underdown
"The perfect read for an autumnal weekend. Atmospheric and rich with evocative detail, I found myself in tears by the end."
The Dictator's Wife (2022)
Freya Berry
"Excellent. Horrifying and immersive with strong characterisation and atmosphere."
Oxblood (2022)
Tom Benn
"Powerful stuff and so beautifully written - like David Peace wrote Alan Warner's The Sopranos and so lyrical, too. You don't care where it's heading, you're just happy to step into the flow and let it take you. Brilliant stuff - this is really very good indeed."
The Hiding Place (2022)
Simon Lelic
"I loved this. A great police procedural centred on a boarding school with a potent mix of privilege and the fall out from toxic parenting, building up to a gripping, breathless denouement. Great stuff."
A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting (2022)
Sophie Irwin
"This is SO much fun. The most pleasing homage to Georgette Heyer with a thoroughly modern sensibility all of its own. Tremendous stuff."
That Green Eyed Girl (2022)
Julie Owen Moylan
"I loved this. Dovie and Ava are both such compelling characters and the evocation of time and place so strong - I was irresistibly drawn into their stories. Sad, rage-inducing and uplifting - a very emotional read."
Truly, Darkly, Deeply (2022)
Victoria Selman
"Original and clever - an incredibly tense read which pulled me inexorably along to its chilling denouement."
The Black Dog (2022)
Kevin Bridges
"I've just finished THE BLACK DOG with a massive lump in my throat - what a brilliant book. Touching, raucous, visceral and really funny with some moments of real profundity."
The Girls Are Good (2022)
Ilaria Bernardini
"Brutal and brilliant - I read it in one sitting."
Italian Rules (2022)
(Daniel Leicester, book 4)
Tom Benjamin

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