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Holly Seddon was born and raised in the sleepy south-west of England and now lives slap bang in the centre of Amsterdam with her husband and four children. Throughout her 15-year career, Holly has been privileged to work in some of the UKs most exciting newsrooms.

Genres: Mystery
Holly Seddon recommends
Everything But the Truth (2017)
Gillian McAllister
"Everything But The Truth is a thunderous debut. An utterly unique story with a deep heartbeat and expertly crafted moral dilemmas. I read it in just two days, my heart in my mouth the whole time."
Exquisite (2017)
Sarah Stovell
"Whip-smart, lushly written and truly page-turning...Sarah Stovell is a thrilling talent."
The Stolen Child (2017)
Sanjida Kay
"The Stolen Child captivated me, terrified me and left me deeply moved."
Obsession (2017)
Amanda Robson
"Amanda Robson has some devastating turns of phrase up her sleeve and she expertly injects menace into the domestic. It was clear from the very first chapter that this was going to a dark and disturbing journey."
Troll (2017)
D B Thorne
"From the irresistible premise to the heart-thumping conclusion, Troll is incredibly clever, frequently terrifying and brilliantly written."
Dark Pines (2017)
(Tuva Moodyson Mystery, book 1)
Will Dean
"I loved Dark Pines and highly recommend this gorgeous slice of Nordic noir."
The Liar's Girl (2018)
Catherine Ryan Howard
"Slick, smart and stylish... Really clever."
The Craftsman (2018)
(Craftsman Trilogy, book 1)
Sharon Bolton
"I was obsessed with The Craftsman, reading it every snatched moment I could. Pitch perfect creepiness, air punching female empowerment and sinister mysteries kept me hooked to the very last page."
Take Me In (2018)
Sabine Durrant
"I raced through Take Me In, watching in horror and recognition as a couple turn themselves inside out through fear, assumption and regret. I couldn't look away as they fell for the lies we often tell ourselves, with terrifying results. Sabine Durrant's writing just gets better and better."
Blood & Sugar (2019)
Laura Shepherd-Robinson
"I was completely swept away by Blood & Sugar, an immersive and exhilarating crime novel that dissects the brutal underbelly of eighteenth century London with razor blade clarity and brings to life one of the most shameful periods of British history."
The Dangerous Kind (2019)
Deborah O'Connor
"Amazing. Tore through it!"

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