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Paul Levine

USA flag (b.1948)

Paul Levine worked as a newspaper reporter, a law professor and a trial lawyer before becoming a full-time novelist. Obviously, he cannot hold a job. Paul claims that writing fiction comes naturally: he told whoppers for many years in his legal briefs. His books have been translated into 23 languages, none of which he can read.

He has won the John D. MacDonald fiction award and has been nominated for an Edgar Allan Poe Award, the Macavity, the International Thriller Writers Award, the Shamus Award, and the James Thurber Humor Prize.

Genres: Mystery
New Books
December 2022

Early Grave
(Jake Lassiter, book 15)
Jake Lassiter
   1. To Speak for the Dead (1990)
   2. Night Vision (1991)
   3. False Dawn (1993)
   4. Mortal Sin (1994)
   5. Riptide (1995)
     aka Slashback
   6. Fool Me Twice (1996)
   7. Flesh and Bones (1997)
   8. Lassiter (2011)
   9. Last Chance Lassiter (2014)
   10. State vs. Lassiter (2013)
   11. Bum Rap (2015)
   12. Bum Luck (2017)
   13. Bum Deal (2018)
   14. Cheater's Game (2020)
   15. Early Grave (2022)
Solomon Vs. Lord
   1. Solomon Vs. Lord (2005)
   2. The Deep Blue Alibi (2006)
   3. Kill All The Lawyers (2006)
   4. Trial & Error (2007)
     aka Habeas Porpoise
Macavity Awards Best Novel nominee (2006) : Solomon Vs. Lord

Paul Levine recommends
The Frog and the Scorpion (1986)
(Fiddler and Fiora, book 2)
A E Maxwell
"Fiddler is to California what Spenser is to Boston and Travis McGee is to Florida. Tough, smart guys who know that sometimes, what looks like paradise, is pure hell."
A-List (2017)
(Jake Longly, book 2)
D P Lyle
"D.P. Lyle serves up ample portions of mystery and suspense along with the chicory coffee and sweet beignets as P.I. Jake Longly digs for the truth about a murdered co-ed in New Orleans. Is A-List actor Kirk Ford the murderer? The slain young woman was found in his bed. But nothing is simple in the Big Easy, and Longly, along with girlfriend Nicole Jemison, must peel back multiple layers of intrigue and corruption to solve the mystery at the heart of A-List. New Orleans has never been as sexy or as dangerous. Highly recommended!"
True Fiction (2018)
(Ian Ludlow, book 1)
Lee Goldberg
"A conspiracy thriller of the first order, a magical blend of fact and it-could-happen scary fiction. Nail-biting, page-turning, and laced with Goldberg’s wry humor, True Fiction is a true delight, reminiscent of Three Days of the Condor and the best of Hitchcock’s innocent-man-in-peril films."
Wealth Management (2022)
Edward Zuckerman
"A polished debut novel that seamlessly blends twisty, original characters with an ingenious plot and glittering foreign locales. An international financial thriller that's camera ready for a feature film, the tale simmers with the chilling suspense of David Baldacci's best work and the wry humor of Elmore Leonard's iconic novels. The fast-paced, tangled-web plot crackles with energy and high adventure and will keep you up past your bedtime. An original voice in the thriller genre, Zuckerman moves to the head of the class."

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