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Contemporary southern author Pat Conroy wrote a number of highly popular books, including The Water Is Wide, The Great Santini, The Lords of Discipline, The Prince of Tides, and Beach Music. Conroy also achieved considerable success as a screenwriter. He was the author or coauthor of several Hollywood and television scripts, most notably the film adaptations of his own novels, the Prince of Tides and Beach Music.

Genres: Literary Fiction
Pat Conroy recommends
A World Made Of Fire (1984)
Mark Childress
"A wonderful and powerful novel... a novelist of astonishing gifts."
Cold Sassy Tree (1984)
(Cold Sassy, book 1)
Olive Ann Burns
"A hilarious and passionate book... One of the best portraits of small town Southern life ever written."
Long Distances (1988)
Fabienne Marsh
"This book is pure magic. I loved reading every page of it. Long Distances is the brilliant debut of a superb new writer."
A Stranger's House (1988)
Bret Lott
"Bret Lott is an important artist... A beautifully crafted novel."
Big Bad Love (1990)
Larry Brown
"Larry Brown writes like a force of nature!"
Domestic Pleasures (1991)
Beth Gutcheon
"Few in America write as well about marriage, divorce, and the family ties which both unite and torture us all. She's in a league by herself."
The Invisible Circus (1994)
Jennifer Egan
"If there were justice in the world, no one would be allowed to write a first novel of such beauty and accomplishment."
Innocent Blood (1997)
Christopher Dickey
"This book moves so fast it feels like it was written with quicksilver and the blood of greyhounds. A splendid achievement."
Valley of the Shadow (1998)
Charlotte Hughes
"Charlotte Hughes is the real thing."
Special Kay (2000)
Terry Kay
"The perfect writer for those who love to read."
The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary & Sewing Circle (2001)
Lois Battle
"A magical and surprising tour of a Deep South I had no idea existed."
Hurricane Season (2001)
Karen Bjorneby
"Karen Bjorneby writes stories with a voice that is uncommonly powerful, visceral and precise. Her short stories can wound and lacerate, or cut to the bone then alarm you with their tenderness and sweetness and grace."
Prague (2002)
Arthur Phillips
"Prague is one of those rare books that help define and identify a whole generation, in the same way that Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises introduced his own lost generation."
Desert Places (2004)
(Andrew Z. Thomas, book 1)
Blake Crouch
"Terrific... harrowing... a whacked-out combination of Stephen King and Cormac McCarthy."
Pawley's Island (2005)
(Lowcountry Tales, book 5)
Dorothea Benton Frank
"Hilarious and wise."
Sweetgrass (2005)
Mary Alice Monroe
"Mary Alice Monroe is helping to redefine the beauty and magic of the Carolina Lowcountry. Every book she has written has felt like a homecoming to me."
The King of Lies (2006)
John Hart
"The King of Lies moves and reads like a book on fire... An amazing new talent."
Sweetsmoke (2008)
David Fuller
"Sweetsmoke is a fascinating and gripping novel about the Civil War. The slave, Cassius Howard, is a great fictional character, and his story is part mystery, part love story, and a harrowing portrait of slavery that reads with the immense power of the slave narratives. A tour de force for David Fuller."
Personal Record (2008)
Rachel Toor
"Toor's writing is swift, disciplined, sinewy, and indomitably strong... The story she tells is a marvel."
Letter to My Daughter (2010)
George Bishop
"A first novel of immense power."
The Perfect Love Song (2010)
Patti Callahan Henry
"The Pefect Love Song is a lyrical and heartwarming tale of love and forgiveness."
Heir To the Everlasting (2011)
(Staten Bay Trilogy, book 2)
Janice Daugharty
"Janice Daugharty is a natural-born writer, one of those Georgia women like O'Connor, McCullers, or Siddons who are best grown in small towns, a long way from city lights. There is a lot of red clay and long nights in every line she puts on paper."
The Tender Mercy of Roses (2011)
Anna Michaels
"An unforgettable story told with astonishing skill and clarity by a truly gifted writer."
The Winters in Bloom (2011)
Lisa Tucker
"This is one page-turner you will not want to miss."
Man in the Blue Moon (2012)
Michael Morris
"Michael Morris has been one of my favorite Southern writers. His new novel is reason for great celebration - a beautifully wrought portrayal of small-town Southern life. Buy it. Read it."
The Fifty-first State (2013)
Lisa Borders
"A fresh new voice in fiction."
Famous All Over Town (2014)
Bernie Schein
"By turns hysterically funny, wildly neurotic, uniquely sensitive, and heartbreakingly honest."
Fate Moreland's Widow (2015)
John Lane
"The literature of the southern mill village has been underdone and this magnificent novel adds greatly to it. What John Lane does better than anyone I have read is explore the interrelatedness of both the mill worker and the mill owner, trapped by the desires and abuses of unchecked power. Their symbiosis is opaque and troublesome. In the widow Novie Moreland, John has crafted a masterfully nuanced new symbol of male obsession and female resilience poised to become the Circe of the Carolina foothills."
East Coast Girls (2020)
Kerry Kletter
"A writer of great distinction and infinite promise."

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