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Patti Callahan Henry is a New York Times Bestselling author --Losing the Moon, Where the River Runs, When Light Breaks, Between the Tides, The Art of Keeping Secrets, Driftwood Summer and The Perfect Love Song: A Holiday Story, Coming Up for Air, And Then I Found You and The Stories We Tell.

Patti was a finalist in the Townsend Prize for Fiction and twice a nominee for the Southeastern Independent Booksellers Association Fiction Book of the Year. Patti is hailed as a fresh new voice in southern fiction. She is a frequent speaker at luncheons, book clubs and women's groups where she discusses the importance of storytelling and anything else they want to talk about.

Patti grew up as a Minister's daughter, learning early how storytelling effects our lives. She grew up spending her summers on Cape Cod where she began her love affair with the beach, ocean, tides and nature of the coast. Moving south at the tender age of twelve, she found solace in books and stories. While attending Auburn University, she met a southern boy who later proposed on Daufuskie Island, South Carolina, next to a historic lighthouse overlooking the Sound. After earning her Master's degree in Child Health, Patti worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist until her first child was born.

Genres: Romance, General Fiction
Patti Callahan Henry recommends
Necessary Arrangements (2007)
Tanya Michna
"A novel about the power of love in a broken world... a poignant story that will touch the heart."
Hurricanes in Paradise (2010)
Denise Hildreth
"Soaked with sun, wit, and heart, this is a story of healing and the hope that, sometimes, surviving the storm has no rewards."
The Miracle of Mercy Land (2010)
River Jordan
"With words spoken like a gentle angel, River Jordan takes her reader deep into the human spirit. The Miracle of Mercy Land is a story about the past, the present, and the future all at once, not only altering the hearts of the characters in the novel, but also changing the heart of the reader. A triumph of beauty."
The Summer Girls (2013)
(Low Country Summer, book 1)
Mary Alice Monroe
"In the bestselling tradition of Kathryn Stockett's The Help, Mary Alice Monroe skillfully weaves together issues of class, women's rights, and domestic abuse set in the tumultuous South during the 1970s. . . . Beautifully wrought, and rich with keen insight . . . an unforgettable tale of marriage, resilience, and one woman's private strength."
Happiness for Beginners (2015)
Katherine Center
"HAPPINESS FOR BEGINNERS does what a story should do--introduces characters we want to know and then takes us on their unexpected journey to a new and braver life. Helen Carpenter is doing what needs to be done, and along the way she shows us how to be brave . . . when we need to be and when we want to be. When life doesn't give Helen what she believes she wants, she journeys into the wilderness to find what she needs, and we are with her every step of the way. Center's witty, honest and compassionate storytelling opens us to new ways of feeling and trusting, just as her character is doing the same."
Close Enough to Touch (2017)
Colleen Oakley
"Oakley delivers a story that overflows with compassion, humor, and the impulsive need to read just one more chapter until you reach the very satisfying end."
The Hideaway (2017)
Lauren K Denton
"A story both powerful and enchanting: a don’t-miss novel in the greatest southern traditions of storytelling."
The Hidden Light of Northern Fires (2017)
Daren Wang
"With a forbidden love story weaving in and out of the pages, Daren Wang has crafted a novel that will linger in the heart long after its last page."
Shadow of the Lions (2017)
Christopher Swann
"Swann is a gifted storyteller, a master at the twisty tale . . . Under Swann's deft hand, ultimately, Shadow of the Lions explores the timeless complexity of deep friendship--how it shapes us, destroys us and sometimes remakes us."
A Tangled Mercy (2017)
Joy Jordan-Lake
"Jordan-Lake brings us the aroma, taste, and view of Charleston as vividly as if we stood in the middle of the scene. The depth of emotion and veracity of the story sets this novel apart, as it brings a lost and critical piece of southern history to light. [It] is about the important things in our life - how art undoes our chaos; how history is part of our present; and how defiant love and forgiveness conquer hatred and bigotry."
Before I Let You Go (2018)
Kelly Rimmer
"Ripped from the headlines and from the heart, Before I Let You Go is an unforgettable novel that will amaze and startle you with its impact and heart."
I Was Anastasia (2018)
Ariel Lawhon
"Ariel Lawhon is a masterful storyteller; I Was Anastasia is a wild ride, extravagant with its vivid sensory experiences and page turning suspense. Inspired by history, and infused with imagination and intrigue, this novel satisfies with every twist and turn. I was both captivated and enchanted; I will carry this story—from its beguiling opening to its catch-my-breath ending — in my heart and imagination for a long, long while."
The Late Bloomers' Club (2018)
Louise Miller
"Heartwarming, charming and utterly fascinating, The Late Bloomers' Club is a beautifully rendered peek behind the scenes of a small town, its community and its mysteries. I adored this novel."
Rush (2018)
Lisa Patton
"RUSH transports us smack dab into the middle of the secret world of sorority rush. We find ourselves behind the scenes with a provocative peek into the world of sorority sisters and the beloved House staff who work tirelessly on their behalf. Lisa Patton has penned a powerful and relevant story infused with raw emotion and the beating heart of her sassy humor. I adored this unforgettable novel that will both surprise you and capture your heart."
The Lost Queen (2018)
(Lost Queen, book 1)
Signe Pike
"An extraordinary historical page-turner. Pike brings a creative eye, unique voice and immaculate research to the world of historical fiction - the people and lands of this novel will not leave me. The Lost Queen is more than a book; it is a profound experience. Languoreth has emerged from the mists of Scotland to assume her rightful place on the throne where she belongs."
Christmas at the Chalet (2018)
Anita Hughes
"The magic of the season is on full display in Christmas at the Chalet...In the best Christmas present of them all--a beautiful and authentically heartfelt tale--Anita Hughes reminds us of the true miracle of Christmas: love."
Lady Clementine (2020)
Marie Benedict
"The atmospheric prose of Marie Benedict draws me in every single time. Lady Clementine's powerful and spirited story is both compelling and immersive. Benedict fully inhabits the measured and intelligent voice of Clementine Churchill. Entranced throughout, I discovered the secrets behind a familiar story I thought I knew. Deftly moving from the early nineteen hundreds through World War II, Benedict skillfully paints a vivid picture of the times and life of Clementine, the remarkable woman who was the steady force beside Winston Churchill."
Before Anyone Else (2020)
(BAE, book 1)
Leslie Hooton
"Before Anyone Else is the romantic debut we have been waiting for, a coming of age novel that is both deeply moving and creatively beautiful. With wit and dazzle, Leslie Hooton takes us through both a love story and also the cut throat restaurant business. With charm to spare, this novel is a powerful story with a dose of hostess gold woven in for good measure."
Feels Like Falling (2020)
Kristy Woodson Harvey
"Kristy Woodson Harvey has the voice of a best friend; a storyteller of the finest sort. Feels Like Falling takes us on a page-turning journey with two very different women who must somehow find their way together. Harvey asks the important question -- how do we let go of the preconceived notions of our life ? And she answers that question with lyrical prose, an uncommon wisdom and a sharp wit. This is more than a novel about friendship, it is also a story for friendship: you will find yourself sharing it with everyone you love. Dive in; the storytelling is delicious!"
How to Bury Your Brother (2020)
Lindsey Rogers Cook
"Lindsey Cook is a radiant new voice in southern fiction. The debut novel, How to Bury Your Brother is both wise and captivating. Cook's prose rings true as she takes us through the journey of a sister coming to terms with her brother's death, family hidden stories and her own role in all of it. This is a book, and an author, who will grab your heart and not let go even after the very last page."
Across the Winding River (2020)
Aimie K Runyan
"Inspired by a true and powerful story, Runyan has written a wondrous story of courage, sacrifice, and most importantly, love. Expertly winding between WWII and present time, Across the Winding River accomplishes the almost-impossible: layering three stories that come together to take your breath away. Runyan captures the heart-thumping years after Pearl Harbor and then wanders through the terrifying battles of Hurgen Forest. The vivid narrative is born of impeccable research, and reaches through the pages straight to the reader’s heart. Uncertainty is the fire through which all the characters must pass. With a bit of mystery, a lot of heart, and beautiful prose, Across the Winding River will steal your imagination and you’ll be the better for it."
When We Were Young & Brave (2020)
Hazel Gaynor
"Hazel Gaynor again breathes fresh life into a lost piece of history...While the students and teachers are tested to the limits by the hardship and privations of war, this is ultimately a story of friendship and profound bravery. When We Were Young & Brave is transporting, important, and tremendously moving."
The Christmas Clock / A Song For My Mother (2020)
(Dreyerville, Michigan)
Kat Martin
"Kat Martin has the uncanny and delicate ability to pluck the heartstrings of the reader, and she’s done it again with pitch-perfect tone."
A Million Reasons Why (2021)
Jessica Strawser
"From the opening line to the heart-healing ending, A Million Reasons Why is an immersive and startling novel of great compassion with plot twists that will take your breath away. When all we know is turned upside down and inside out, who do we become? Strawser isn't afraid of the bigger questions and this beautiful exploration of family, loyalty and love will both break and heal your heart. Powerful, poignant and profound -- don't miss this compelling novel from a master storyteller."
Coco at the Ritz (2021)
Gioia Diliberto
"Gioia Diliberto expertly frees Coco Chanel from the bonds of legend and introduces us to the complex life of a dynamic woman. An intriguing romp through Chanel's fascinating life, a glitzy view of Paris and a powerful narrative about the little-known arrest of Coco Chanel at the end of WWII. With an intriguing author note and impeccable research, I devoured Coco at the Ritz. For book clubs, lovers of historical fiction and fans of Marie Benedict, here is the book you were waiting for!"
The Tobacco Wives (2022)
Adele Myers
"The Tobacco Wives is a sweep-you-away story with a lush North Carolina setting and a courageous woman at its center. What more do we want from a story than this? Myers's prose is stitched together as beautifully as the fancy dresses her protagonist Maddie Sykes sews for the elite women of this tobacco town. The question at the heart of this novel trembles with power - what happens when what we know is right conflicts with what we are being told is true? Myers's story will resonate long after you turn the last page; powerful and authentic, The Tobacco Wives is unforgettable."

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