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Raymond Carver was born in Clatskanie, Oregon, in 1938. His father was a saw-mill worker and his mother was a waitress and clerk. He married early and for years writing had to come second to earning a living for his young family. Despite, small-press publication, it was not until Will You Please Be Quiet Please? appeared in 1976 that his work began to reach a wider audience. This was the year in which he gave up alcohol, which had contributed to the collapse of his marriage. In 1977 he met the writer Tess Gallagher, with whom he shared the last eleven years of his life. During this prolific period he wrote three collections of stories, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, Cathedral and Elephant. Fires, a collection of essays, poems and stories, appeared in 1985, followed by three further collections of poetry. In 1988 he completed the poetry collection A New Path to the Waterfall.

Genres: Literary Fiction
   Near Klamath (1968)
   Winter Insomnia (1970)
   The Pheasant (1982)
   If It Please You (1984)
   The Window (1985)
   My Father's Life (1986)
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   Furious Seasons (1976)
   At Night the Salmon Move (poems) (1976)
   What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (1981)
   Cathedral (1983)
   Fires (1983)
   Where Water Comes Together with Other Water (poems) (1985)
   The Stories of Raymond Carver (1985)
   Early for the Dance (poems) (1986)
   Ultramarine (poems) (1986)
   Those Days (1987)
   In a Marine Light (poems) (1987)
   Where I'm Calling from (1988)
   Elephant (1988)
   Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? (1988)
   Dostoevsky: A Screenplay / King Dog : A Screenplay (1988) (with Tess Gallagher)
   A New Path to the Waterfall (poems) (1989)
   Three Stories (1990)
   Short Cuts (1990)
   No Heroics, Please (1992)
   Two Short Story Collections (1994)
   All of Us (poems) (1996)
   Call If You Need Me (2000)
   Collected Stories (2009)
   Beginners (2009)
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Novellas and Short Stories
Anthologies edited
   American Short Story Masterpieces (1987) (with Tom Jenks)
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100 Years of the Best American Short Stories (2015)
(Best American Short Stories)
edited by
Lorrie Moore and Heidi Pitlor
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (2009)
Love Quarrels from Anton Chekhov to ZZ Packer
edited by
Kasia Boddy, Ali Smith and Sarah Wood

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Award nominations
1989 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (nominee) : Where I'm Calling from: New And Selected Stories
1988 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction (nominee) : Where I'm Calling from: New And Selected Stories
1984 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (nominee) : Cathedral: Stories
1983 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction (nominee) : Cathedral: Stories

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