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Margaret Mahy's picture

Margaret Mahy

New Zealand (1936 - 2012)

Margaret Mahy was born in New Zealand in 1936, the eldest of five children, with a huge extended family in the surrounding neighbourhood, and from the beginning her vivid imagination and love of storytelling sometimes confused reality and fantasy. She was a solitary little tomboy, living in her own world and talking out loud to herself. She knew she would be A Writer.

She studied philosophy at university in Auckland and Christchurch, and then qualified as a librarian, specialising in children's reading. She brought up her two daughters alone, which at the time meant life was often tough. In 1968, an American publisher spotted one of her stories published in a journal issued to New Zealand schools. They asked for more and Margaret sent them one hundred - fifteen years of unpublished work. They were taken and she really was A Writer.

Margaret published well over a hundred titles and won several major prizes and awards including the highest honour New Zealand offers, The Order of New Zealand, limited to 20 living people, for her internationally-acclaimed contribution to children's literature. Besides this, she twice won the prestigious Carnegie Medal, ('The Haunting', 1982, and 'The Changeover' 1984) In the States too, her books are rapturously received, several having been chosen as ALA Notables and Best Books of the Year. Margaret Mahy 's books have been translated into more than fifteen languages.

Mahy died in Christchurch on 23 July 2012, aged 76.

Genres: Inspirational, Children's Fiction

Picture Books
A Dragon of an Ordinary Family (1969)
A Lion in the Meadow (1969)
Mrs. Discombobulous (1969)
Pillycock's Shop (1969)
The Procession (1969)
The Little Witch (1970)
Sailor Jack and the Twenty Orphans (1970)
The Princess and the Clown (1971)
The Boy With Two Shadows (1971)
17 Kings and 42 Elephants (1972)
Railway Engine and the Hairy Brigands (1973)
Stepmother (1974)
The Witch in the Cherry Tree (1974)
Rooms to Let (1974)
Rare Spotted Birthday Party (1974)
Clancy's Cabin (1974)
Rooms for Rent (1974)
Ultra-violet catastrophe! (1975)
The Great Millionaire Kidnap (1975)
The Boy Who Was Followed Home (1975)
The Man Whose Mother Was a Pirate (1976)
The Wind Between the Stars (1976)
David's Witch Doctor (1976)
Mrs. Bubble's Baby (1983)
Shopping with a Crocodile (1983)
The Great Grumbler and the Wonder Tree (1984)
The Spider in the Shower (1984)
Ups and Downs (1984)
A Crocodile in the Library (1985)
Jam (1985)
The Adventures of a Kite (1986)
The Cake (1986)
The Catten (1986)
Clever Hamburger (1986)
The Earthquake (1986)
How Mr. Rooster Didn't Get Married (1986)
Kangaroo from Woolloomoolloo (1986)
Lavender the Library Cat (1986)
Let's Get a Pet (1986)
Little Brown House (1986)
Magician's Lunch (1986)
Morning Dance (1986)
Most Scary Ghost (1986)
Mouse Monster (1986)
Plants of My Aunt (1986)
Sophie's Singing Mother (1986)
Ten Loopy Caterpillars (1986)
Terrible Armadillo (1986)
Train That Ran Away (1986)
A Very Happy Bathday (1986)
The Yuckadoos (1986)
The Man Who Enjoyed Grumbling (1986)
Moppy's Ball (1986)
My Wonderful Aunt (1986)
Tai Taylor and His Education (1987)
Tai Taylor and the Sweet Annie (1987)
Tai Taylor Goes to School (1987)
Baby's Breakfast (1987)
Feeling Funny (1987)
The Funny, Funny Clown Face (1987)
The Garden Party (1987)
Mr. Rumfitt (1987)
Muppy's Ball (1987)
The New House Villain (1987)
A Pet to the Vet (1987)
The Pop Group (1987)
Tai Taylor Is Born (1987)
The Terrible Topsy-Turvy, Tissy-Tossy Tangle (1987)
The Tree Doctor (1987)
Trouble On the Bus (1987)
Arguments (1987)
Beautiful Pig (1987)
The Fight On the Hill (1987)
Jacko, the Junk Shop Man (1987)
Long Grass of Tumbledown Road (1987)
Mouse Wedding (1987)
The Robber Pig and the Ginger Beer (1987)
Robber Pig and the Green Eggs (1987)
Squeak in the Gate (1987)
Tinny Tiny Tinker (1987)
The Girl Who Washed in Moonlight (1987)
The Haunting of Miss Cardamom (1987)
The King's Jokes (1987)
When the King Rides by (1988)
Guinea Pig Grass (1988)
No Dinner for Sally (1989)
The Father Who Walked On His Hands (1989)
The Great White Man-eating Shark (1989)
Crocodile Crocodile (1990)
Leap Year (1990)
The Little Round Husband (1990)
White Elephants (1990)
Making Friends (1990)
The Pumpkin Man and the Crafty Creeper (1990)
Iris LA Bonga and the Locked Door (1990)
Iris La Bonga and the Boomerzoomer (1990)
The Solar System (1990)
Keeping House (1991)
The Queen's Goat (1991)
The Dentist's Promise (1991)
The Fiddle and the Gun (1992)
The Horrendous Hullabaloo (1992)
The Dragon's Birthday (1992)
The Mad Puppet (1993)
A Busy Day for a Good Grandmother (1993)
Iris La Bonga and the Helpful Taxi Driver (1993)
The Christmas Tree Tangle (1994)
The Rattlebang Picnic (1994)
The Greatest Binnie in the World (1995)
Cobwebs, Elephants and Stars (1996)
Solar Systems: Fact or Fiction (1996)
Boom Baby, Boom Boom! (1996)
The Three Magicians (1997)
Beaten by a Balloon (1997)
A Good Knee for a Cat (1997)
A Summery Saturday Morning (1998)
Simply Delicious! (1999)
Down the Dragon's Tongue (2000)
Dashing Dog! (2002)
The Three-legged Cat (2004)
Down the Back of the Chair (2006)
Stop That Stew! (2009)
The Man from the Land of Fandango (2012)
Mister Whistler (2012)
The Green Bath (2013)
Footsteps Through the Fog (2013)

Chapter Books
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Margaret Mahy
Short stories
Space Invaders (1985)

Carnegie Medal Best Book winner (1983) : The Haunting
Carnegie Medal Best Book winner (1985) : The Changeover
World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1987) : The Tricksters

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