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How to Fail at Flirting (2020)
Denise Williams
"The warmth in Denise Williams's writing is unmistakable, as is her wit. She tackles difficult subjects, difficult emotions, with such empathy and thoughtfulness. Best of all: Jake is just the type of hero I love--sexy, smart, sweet, and smitten."
Happy Endings (2021)
Thien-Kim Lam
"Unabashedly sex-positive, Happy Endings is a paean to second-chance romance--as well as friendship, family, food, and inclusive communities. The story's undeniable warmth makes it a pleasure to read."
Battle Royal (2021)
Lucy Parker
"Lucy Parker’s books are marvels of wit and warmth and empathy, and Battle Royal is no exception. It’s as delicious as the cakes baked by Sylvie and Dominic, from first page to last. I swooned, laughed, wept, and loved the story wholeheartedly, and I can’t wait to reread it ASAP."
The Matzah Ball (2021)
Jean Meltzer
"A warm, heartfelt ode to self-acceptance, honesty, and tight-knit Jewish communities, The Matzah Ball gently - and rightfully - insists we don't need to be perfect or 'normal' to deserve and find love. The story was a true pleasure to read."
Donut Fall in Love (2021)
Jackie Lau
"Jackie Lau's Donut Fall in Love is a quintessential comfort read, full of good, well-intentioned people attempting to navigate complicated family relationships, careers, friendships, and grief. This sexy, thoughtful story will also leave you very (VERY) hungry for donuts, so prepare your baked goods supply accordingly before reading."
Love, Lists, and Fancy Ships (2021)
Sarah Grunder Ruiz
"Sarah Grunder Ruiz's Love, Lists, and Fancy Ships is a book with enormous heart, and one that balances family grief with truly delightful witty banter. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me swoon from all the delicious pining between Jo and Alex. It's a wonderful debut, and I can't wait to read more from her."
Weather Girl (2022)
Rachel Lynn Solomon
"Wryly funny and sweetly sexy, Rachel Lynn Solomon's Weather Girl is as comforting as a weighted blanket and as carefully considered as one of Ari's forecasts. For everyone who's ever believed themself too much to love, this book offers both solace and a gentle promise: If you allow yourself to be truly known, you may find someone who'll adore you on even your darkest days."
Not the Witch You Wed (2022)
(Supernatural Singles, book 1)
April Asher
"Not the Witch You Wed is breezy, warm, and a pleasure to read. I adore smitten, supportive heroes like Lincoln, and watching Violet grow into her own power-both personal and magical-is delightful."

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