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Olivia Dade

Genres: Romance
Lovestruck Librarians
   1. My Reckless Valentine (2016)
   2. Mayday (2016)
   3. Driven to Distraction (2017)
   4. Hidden Hearts (2017)
There's Something About Marysburg
   1. Teach Me (2019)
   2. 40-Love (2020)
   3. Sweetest in the Gale (2020)
Spoiler Alert
   1. Spoiler Alert (2020)
   2. All the Feels (2021)
   3. Ship Wrecked (2022)
   At First Spite (2024)
   He's Come Undone (2020) (with others)
Series contributed to
   3. Rogue Acts (2018) (with others)
Olivia Dade recommends
Codename Charming (2023)
Lucy Parker
"Lucy Parker's books are marvels of wit and warmth and empathy, and Battle Royal is no exception. It's as delicious as the cakes baked by Sylvie and Dominic, from first page to last. I swooned, laughed, wept, and loved the story wholeheartedly, and I can't wait to reread it ASAP."
Role Playing (2023)
Cathy Yardley
"Role Playing features one of the most endearing couples I've read in a long, long time. Aiden's kindness, warmth, and patience make him the sweetest cinnamon roll hero possible, while Maggie is the cranky, fiercely loyal heroine of my dreams. Yardley doesn't shy away from difficult family and friend dynamics, but that only makes the way Maggie and Aiden help and defend one another all the more satisfying. And the earrings-removal moment at the wedding reception? Absolute, gleeful perfection."
Full Exposure (2023)
Thien-Kim Lam
"Unabashedly sex-positive, Happy Endings is a paean to second-chance romance - as well as friendship, family, food, and inclusive communities. The story's undeniable warmth makes it a pleasure to read."
Chick Magnet (2023)
Emma Barry
"Emma Barry has been one of my favorite authors in the world for many years now, and Chick Magnet only deepens my already fervent love of her writing. Her books are always crafted with exquisite care and thoughtfulness, abounding with graceful prose, extremely likable characters, rueful humor, and a thorough grounding in how good people think, work, and love. Plus, her writing is simply fun, not to mention sexy. With the release of this book, I expect new hordes of fans to join the Emma Barry Stan Club, but rest assured: I will always be the club's president and most enthusiastic member."
Two Wrongs Make a Right (2022)
(Wilmot Sisters, book 1)
Chloe Liese
"Two Wrongs Make a Right overflows with snappy banter, heartfelt emotion, and delicious swooniness and heat. Bea and Jamie's tenderness and care for one another shine on the page, and Liese's wit and humor undergird the entire story. This book is a true pleasure to read, sure to delight her many current fans even as it earns her many new ones."
Mistakes Were Made (2022)
Meryl Wilsner
"Mistakes Were Made is an absolute delight, both undeniably sexy and incredibly sweet. The story overflows with warmth, friendship, and humour . . . I was rooting for their happy ending the whole time, and when it arrived, I cried happy tears. I think readers will adore this story, and for good reason."

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