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Edward Sylvester Ellis

USA flag (1840 - 1916)

aka Colonel H R Gordon

Edward Sylvester Ellis was an American author who was born in Ohio, and died at Cliff Island, Maine. He served as editor of Public Opinion (a daily newspaper), Golden Days and Holiday (both children's magazines). He specialized in boys' stories, inspirational biography, and history for both children and adults. He was a major author during the era of inexpensive fiction of the nineteenth century (dime novels). Because he wrote under dozens of pseudonyms, as well as under his own name, it is virtually impossible to know exactly how many books he wrote, but it is believed to be in the hundreds.
War Chief
Red Eagle (1901)
Camp Fire
Red Plume (1902)
Foreign Adventure
1. River and Forest (1905)
2. River and Jungle (1906)
Catamount Camp
Catamount Camp (1910)
Seth Jones (1860)
Sockdolager! (1884)
Up the Tapajos (1886)
Adrift in the Wilds (1887)
The Boy Hunters of Kentucky (1889)
Klondike Nuggets (1898)
Blazing Arrow (1900)
The Boy Patriot (1900)
Check Number 2134 (1900)
Iron Heart, War Chief of the Iroquois (1900)
Red Jacket (1900) (as by Colonel H R Gordon)
Camp-Fire and Wigwam (1901)
The Chieftain and the Scout (1901)
On the Trail of Geronimo (1901)
The White Mustang (1901)
Bear Cavern (1902)
Jim and Joe (1902)
Logan the Mingo (1902)
Red Feather: A tale of the American frontier (1903)
The Telegraph Messenger Boy (1904)
The Haunted Hunter (1905)
The Lost River (1905)
Black Partridge (1906)
From Low to High Gear (1906)
Lost in the Forbidden Land (1906)
A Princess of the Woods (1906)
Fighting to Win (1907)
The Lost Dragon (1907)
Fire, Snow and Water (1908)
The Hunt of the White Elephant (1908)
The Phantom Auto (1908)
Squatty Dick (1908)
The Story of Red Feather (1908)
The Boy Scouts (1909)
The Cabin in the Clearing (1909)
The Daughter of the Chieftain (1909)
The Hunter Scouts (1909)
Lost in the Rockies (1909)
Through Forest and Fire (1909)
Upside Down (1909)
The Forest Spy (1910)
The Frontier Angel (1910)
The Mountain Star (1910)
Nathan Todd (1910)
Adrift On the Pacific (1911)
The Hunter's Cabin (1911)
Irona (1911)
Low Twelve (1911)
Oonomoo, the Huron (1911)
The Ranger (1911)
High Twelve (1912)
In the Apache Country (1912)
The Riflemen of the Miami (1912)
The Worst Boy (1912)
The Boy Patrol Around the Council Fire (1914)
The Boy Patrol On Guard (1914)
Remember the Alamo (1914)
The Three Arrows (1915)
The Dragon of the Skies (1915)
Redskin and the Scout (1915)
When Courage Wins (1915)
Wolf Ear the Indian (1915)
Lost among the Red Men (1919)
The Pony Express Rider (1919)
The Two Scouts (1929)
Among the Redskins (1929)
Tracked Through the Wilds (1929)

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