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Anne Fraser was born in Scotland. When she was eight her parents took the family to South Africa where Anne spent the next nine years. When she finished school Anne returned to Scotland and trained as a nurse. After several months travelling- including eight in a Kibbutz-Anne returned to Scotland where she met her doctor husband.

Four years at Aberdeen University reading English Literature followed before Anne, now married, accompanied her husband to live and work in rural Africa, Australia and the far north of Canada.

Anne writes medical romances much of which is based on personal experience and she likes to incorporate some of the places she has visited in the settings. She still loves to travel whenever she can and when not writing, keeps fit by playing tennis, cycling and hiking.

Genres: Romance

   Hired: GP and Wife / Playboy Doctor's Surprise Proposal (2009) (with Judy Campbell)
   Doctor's Lost-and Found Bride / Miracle: Marriage Reunited (2010) (with Kate Hardy)
   Prince Charming of Harley Street / Heart Doctor and the Baby (2010) (with Lynne Marshall)
   Taming Dr Tempest / The Doctor and the Debutante (2011) (with Meredith Webber)
   The Playboy of Harley Street / Doctor on the Red Carpet (2011)
   Mistletoe, Midwife...Miracle Baby / How To Save A Marriage In A Million (2011) (with Leonie Knight)
   Luca's Bad Girl / The Firebrand Who Unlocked His Heart (2012) (with Amy Andrews)
   Her Motherhood Wish / A Bond Between Strangers (2012) (with Scarlet Wilson)
   Cinderella of Harley Street / You, Me and a Family (2013) (with Sue MacKay)
   The Wife He Never Forgot / The Lone Wolf's Craving (2013) (with Tina Beckett)
   Six Sexy Doctors Part 2 (2014) (with Fiona Lowe, Janice Lynn, Margaret McDonagh, Jessica Matthews and Joanna Neil)
   Falling For Dr Dimitriou / Return of Dr Irresistible (2014) (with Amalie Berlin)
   One Kiss in... Rio (2015) (with Catherine George and Lori Wilde)
   Around The World (2016) (with Catherine George, Melissa James, Fiona McCallum, Lucy Monroe, Trish Morey, Nora Roberts and Lori Wilde)
   Irresistibly Exotic Men (2017) (with Laura Iding and Paula Roe)
   Marriage Reunited / She's So Over Him / The Last Guy She Should Call (2020) (with Joss Wood)
   Midwives On Call: Stealing The Surgeon's Heart (2020) (with Marion Lennox and Fiona Lowe)
   Working For The Prince (2020) (with Robin Gianna and Jessica Matthews)
   Gorgeous Greeks: Playing Her Games (2020) (with Jennifer Hayward and Sarah Morgan)
   The Prince Charming Collection (2020) (with Caitlin Crews, Anna DePalo, Robyn Donald, Liz Fielding, Robin Gianna, Marion Lennox, Raye Morgan, Tessa Radley, Teresa Southwick, Rachael Thomas, Nancy Robards Thompson and Rebecca Winters)
   Midwives On Call Collection (2020) (with Susanne Hampton, Kate Hardy, Marion Lennox, Fiona Lowe, Fiona McArthur, Sue MacKay, Carol Marinelli, Alison Roberts and Scarlet Wilson)
   Finding Forever: Falling For The Rebel (2022) (with Kate Hardy and Alison Roberts)