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Anthea Fraser

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aka Vanessa Graham

Anthea Mary Fraser is a novelist. Her mother was a published novelist[1] and Anthea began composing poems and stories before she could write. At the age of five she announced that she wanted to be an author.[2] However, despite having been a prolific writer in school, she did not become a professional writer until after her two daughters were born.

Her first professional publications were short stories. Her first novel was published in 1970. Her first significant success was with her 1974 novel Laura Possessed, which had a paranormal theme, and was followed by 6 other similarly themed novels. She then wrote some romantic suspense stories before turning to writing crime fiction.

Genres: Mystery

   Designs of Annabelle (1971)
   In the Balance (1973) (as by Vanessa Graham)
   Whistler's Lane (1974)
   Home Through the Dark (1974)
   Laura Possessed (1974)
   Breath of Brimstone (1977)
   Presence of Mind (1979)
   Time on Trial (1979) (as by Vanessa Graham)
   Island-in-waiting (1979)
   The Stone (1980)
   Second Time Around (1982) (as by Vanessa Graham)
   The Stand-In (1984) (as by Vanessa Graham)
   Such Men Are Dangerous (1988) (as by Vanessa Graham)
   The Macbeth Prophecy (1995)
   Motive for Murder (1997)
   Dangerous Deception (1998)
   Past Shadows (2001)
   Fathers and Daughters (2002)
   Thicker Than Water (2009)
   Shifting Sands (2011)
   The Unburied Past (2013)
   A Tangled Thread (2015)
   Sins of the Fathers (2018)
   The Ties That Bind (2021)
   Tendrils of the Past (2023)
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