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Dario Fo

Italy (1926 - 2016)

Dario Fo was an Italian satirist, playwright, theater director, actor, and composer. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997 and in 2007 he was ranked Joint Seventh with Stephen Hawking in The Telegraph's list of 100 greatest living geniuses. His dramatic work employs comedic methods of the ancient Italian commedia dell'arte, a theatrical style popular with the proletarian classes.
   Female Parts (1981) (with Franca Rame)
   A Woman Alone & Other Plays (1991) (with Franca Rame)
   Fo Plays: 1 (1992)
   Fo Plays: 2 (1994)
   Ends and Beginnings (1994) (with Andrei Codrescu)
   Pope and the Witch / First Miracle of the Baby Jesus (1996)
   Peasants' Bible / Story of the Tiger (2005)
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Dario Fo recommends
Margherita Dolce Vita (2006)
Stefano Benni
"Read this book, bring it to life in the theater of your own imagination. You'll hold your breath as you read it, that is when you're not laughing out loud."

1997 Nobel Prize in Literature

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