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Practical Rules for Cursed Witches (2024)
Kayla Cottingham
"Part cozy romance, part coming-of-age adventure...A whimsical delight!."
Dragonfruit (2024)
Makiia Lucier
"Rich in worldbuilding, this gripping, warm-hearted fantasy is so vividly rendered you can almost feel the salt spray of the Nominomi Sea and hear the calls of sea dragons echoing through the pages. The lore is wonderfully unique and Hanalei and Sam are characters I couldn't help rooting for. A true delight."
The Bad Ones (2024)
Melissa Albert
"A deliciously dark and twisted labyrinth of a book from the master of YA horror. Peopled with some of the most believable teenage characters I've read, and full of the fervor and sharp edges of teen girl friendships, The Bad Ones had me hooked until the very last page."

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