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Mary Anna Evans has degrees in physics and engineering, but her heart is in the past. Her series character, Faye Longchamp, lives the exciting life of an archaeologist, and Mary Anna envies her a little. Her first novel, Artifacts, won the Benjamin Franklin award and it was named by the Voice of Young America (VOYA) as an "Adult Mystery with Young Adult Appeal." Her second novel, Relics, was an Independent Mystery Booksellers Association (IMBA) bestseller. Her third novel, Effigies, was named a Book Sense Notable Book. For the incurably curious, Mary Anna's first published work, her master's thesis, was entitled A Modeling Study of the NH3-NO-O2 Reaction Under the Operating Conditions of a Fluidized Bed Combustor. Like her mysteries, it was a factual page-turner but, no, it's not available online. She turned from engineering to fiction after the birth of her third child, shifting her focus from managing hazardous wastes to preparing balanced meals. She has yet to acquire the knack of laundry management.

Genres: Mystery
Faye Longchamp Mysteries
   1. Artifacts (2003)
   2. Relics (2005)
   3. Effigies (2007)
   4. Findings (2008)
   5. Floodgates (2009)
   6. Strangers (2010)
   7. Plunder (2012)
   8. Rituals (2013)
   9. Isolation (2015)
   10. Burials (2017)
   11. Undercurrents (2018)
   12. Catacombs (2019)
   13. Wrecked (2020)
Non fiction