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Lex Faulkner is the author of the Andrew Sterling action-adventure series. His novels have consistently ranked in the Top 10 Amazon Rankings for their individual categories, and they have been enjoyed by thousands of readers the world over. Although part of an ongoing series, his novels can easily be read independently of each other and in any order.

The Andrew Sterling series combines historical facts with contemporary fiction, weaving together compelling stories that take the reader on a fast-paced journey back through time and across continents in a way that echoes the author's own favourite genres - archaeological and historical thrillers, mystery novels and military action thrillers. The result is a page-turning series in the vein of Jason Bourne, Indiana Jones and James Bond.

Lex has travelled extensively in South East Asia, Europe, Africa and Japan, and speaks several languages. He now lives in London and is currently working on the next Andrew Sterling novel.


New and upcoming books
Andrew Sterling
   1. Ancient Weapon (2021)
   2. Wrath of Heaven (2021)
   3. The Tomb of Alexander (2022)
   4. Armageddon (2022)
   5. Brothers in Arms (2022)
   6. The Lucifer Codex (2023)
   7. The Heist (2023)
   8. The Treasure of Carthage (2023)
   9. The Lone Star Conspiracy (2024)

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