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RICHARD K. MORGAN is the acclaimed author of The Dark Defiles, The Cold Commands, The Steel Remains, Thirteen, Woken Furies, Market Forces, Broken Angels, and Altered Carbon, a New York Times Notable Book and winner of the Philip K. Dick Award. His third book, Market Forces, won the John W. Campbell Award. Altered Carbon was recently greenlit straight to series on Netflix.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Takeshi Kovacs
   1. Altered Carbon (2002)
   2. Broken Angels (2003)
   3. Woken Furies (2005)
Land Fit for Heroes
   1. The Steel Remains (2008)
   2. The Cold Commands (2011)
   3. The Dark Defiles (2014)
   Market Forces (2004)
   Thirteen (2007)
     aka Black Man
   Thin Air (2018)
   Gone Machine (2021)
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Catchpenny (2024)
Charlie Huston
"Dark, soulful, laconic - like the very best of Tim Powers and Jim Thompson, thrown together in an L.A. dive bar after-hours. This is smart fantasy for our times, resonant and real, a love letter to youth and dreams and a biting critique of what the modern world is doing to both. Join down-at-heel, ruined dreamer Sidney Catchpenny and his ghosts on a turbo-charged narrative ride through the mean streets of a weirdly tilted noir, and find out what it means, once more, to care. Spread the word: Charlie Huston is back, and it's a triumphant return. Until I read Catchpenny, I never realized how much I'd missed his voice."
36 Streets (2022)
T R Napper
"36 Streets glows bright and hallucinatory as tropical neon, goes down smooth as warm sake, cuts deep as a nano-steel blade. Napper honours classic cyberpunk with fresh perspectives and hot genre recombinations, a nasty new future gleam, the proverbial new coat of paint. But there are more austere echoes here too, of Graham Greene and Kazuo Ishiguro, of a whole post-colonial literary heritage banging to be let in. In a genre stuffed with facile hero narratives, 36 Streets consistently chooses something else - messy humanity, grey moral tones and choices, hard-edged geopolitical truth. Raw and raging and passionate, this is cyberpunk literature with a capital fucken L. Get it while it's hot!"
The Hood (2021)
(Anti-Matter of Britain Quartet, book 2)
Lavie Tidhar
"Lavie Morgan has crafted a punk epic on the mouldering bones of legend and jolted it to life with ten thousand volts of knowing wit and fury."

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Books containing stories by Richard K Morgan
Grimdark Magazine Issue #24 (2020)
(Grimdark Magazine, book 24)
Fantasy-Faction Anthology (2015)
edited by
Marc Aplin and Jennie Ivins

2008 Arthur C. Clarke Award : Thirteen
2005 John W. Campbell Memorial Award : Market Forces
2003 Philip K Dick Award : Altered Carbon

Award nominations
2012 Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (nominee) : The Cold Commands
2008 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (nominee) : Thirteen
2007 British Science Fiction Association Award for Best Novel (nominee) : Thirteen
2005 Arthur C. Clarke Award (nominee) : Market Forces
2003 Locus Award for Best First Novel (nominee) : Altered Carbon

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