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Lynn Flewelling was born in Presque Isle, Maine, in 1958. She received her BS from University of Maine, 1981 and went on to study on a Veterinary Med. Program. She has had a variety of jobs including, house painter, sales clerk, teacher, and copy writer. Among her favourite writers and influences are: Tom Stoppard, Mary Renault, Umberto Eco, Stephen King, Peter Straub, Ray Bradbury, and Anne Rice. Lynn Flewelling currently lives in western New York, with her husband Doug, their two sons, and creatures that shed too much.

Genres: Fantasy
Lynn Flewelling recommends
Transformation (2000)
(Books of the Rai-kirah, book 1)
Carol Berg
"[A] wonderful debut novel. Carol Berg hooks the reader with vividly drawn characters and draws us into an exotic, dangerous, and beautifully crafted world. Her heroes come alive on the page...and the magic is fresh and full of purpose."
The Fall of the Kings (2002)
(Swords of Riverside, book 3)
Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman
"This is how fantasy should be written!...sweeps you in and lets you live the story with the characters."
Bridge of Souls (2004)
(Quickening, book 3)
Fiona McIntosh
"Fiona McIntosh is a bold new voice in high fantasy..., vivid detail, engrossing characters and their dark doings, all beautifully written. I was enthralled from page one."
White Trash Warlock (2020)
(Adam Binder, book 1)
David R Slayton
"White Trash Warlock is one helluva ride! Adam Binder is a compelling, deeply relatable protagonist, and the journey he leads us on is dazzling and wonderfully original. What David R. Slayton does with class, sexuality, race, and magic creates an immersive world I didn't want to leave. Kudos!"

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